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One Drop Flavors Single Flavor Tests


Caramel (ODF) 9% (4-15-18) – With FA Caramel being my go to, ANY caramel has a hard road to walk. This one was NOT up to the level of FA’s, and this one was perplexing. One minute it was a caramel, the next not. The room note said caramel, but on the inhale it didn’t always. What was it ? It was caramel-ish, with some of the caramelized sugar, but didn’t get much of the buttery-ness. This is probably due to the lack of diks. @ 9% I would have hoped for far more caramel. Would work as a general mixer, but not sure it brings caramel to the party, or at least not loud enough. 3.5/10.


Grape (ODF) 9% (4-20-18) – Much like the RF SC Grape this is a really good grape. Nicely sweet, slight tartness, and although it favored a Concord for me, it did seem like a grape blend. Although sweet-ish, not a jammy flavor. Nothing off putting, nothing artificial, just a good grape. It did appear to have slightly less richness as compared to the RF SC version. Easy 9/10.


Orange (ODF) 9% (4-20-18) – Having not vaped many Orange flavors, was excited to see what this held in store. After 2 weeks steep not much smell from the bottle which was surprising. Vaping yielded a somewhat sweet, citrus on the inhale, but only a wisp of orange on the exhale. It was almost non existent which is surprising at 9%. Sometimes it tasted almost like the oil from an orange peel when peeling an orange, but not always. Nothing off putting, but not much to carry this over the finish line. Wish it was 3 times stronger. Very light flavor, and I hate to push the rating down, but it really needs much more body. 3/10.


Watermelon (ODF) 9% (4-20-18) – This one smelled GREAT in the bottle after 2 weeks. It had much more of a kick than the Orange did @ 9%. Somewhat sweet, with some deep WM aspects. It did lean towards candied but not in an off putting way. Like some of the other ODF flavors it felt kind of thin, even @ 9%, and left me wanting more. Tasted like some of the red, with more of the white part of the mellon with some of the rind. Would have loved much more of the RED part. Even, tasty, didn’t taste artificial. @ 9% would simply place it at a 6/10.


Thank you for all the reviews. Sounds like this line isn’t very promising…much better flavors using lower percentages for mixing, and I already have used my other flavoring for a drop or 2 to boost anyway. I have them mixed to try, and will, but from your results I have to assume I won’t be really using these :frowning:


Well, still deciding on this. I’m def. noticing less of an impact on some of the flavors, when compared to what I perceived during the RF SC testing. They are much def. weaker than the SC’s, and that may be directly related to my findings. Still a few left to test. You’re very welcome @MysticRose


I’ve been wondering if they had to actually make more for the large demand. Or we all got the exact same from there first batches


My notes. I won’t copy and paste them here because its a lot! I feel already bad for publishing a whole book :flushed:

People would have to scroll through this topic for the next 5 hrs lol.

But I’ll add the bottom of my notes here, which are my final thoughts and if someone wants the whole testing notes , just follow the link. Thank you.

OK here we go:

Overall and Final Thoughts:

_All of the flavors in this line are overly sweet, I would think that they either contain lots of fructose or even ethyl maltol. It would explain why some flavors fade and mute themselves after a short time, but that’s just my speculation. _

Just like other manufacturers some flavors will have to be aired out due to the chemical off notes and smell. Apparently these flavors don’t contain alcohol, therefore I’m writing chemical as description because whatever is in some of them, is just plain old nasty.
Unfortunately the majority of these flavors are pretty mild and contain a lot of off notes, making it nearly sheer impossible to push them high enough, that they would be more noticeable.
_These are advertised as 7-9%, but I think that should be the range in mixes. Single flavor is more like 10-15%. _

_The line pretty much works great when used as such, mixing them with other brands becomes very tricky. Most could only work under the candy category or lighter cocktails/beverages that don’t rely on medium or heavy creams and custards or any darker/heavier fruits. I don’t see them being bend too fit into bakery or any other category. _

I tried enhancing already pre mixed juices with these flavors and sadly I’m not impressed. It takes around 2-5 drops per 10ml depending how rich and potent your juice is. Also it won’t enhance juices that have only a small amount of that flavor in it. The one drop flavors try pushing the high notes of a existing potent profile and muting/balancing the rest of it.

Now if you are already at flavor cap, these are not going to do anything for you and in general you’re running the risk of destroying the existing main profile of your juices and reducing its shelf live significantly.

Less is more in most cases but not here, the concept doesn’t work at very low percentage in my opinion.


Vanilla (ODF) 9% (4-21-18) – Now THIS one was starting to taste more like a full on experience @ 9%. With some of the earlier flavors seemingly lacking some punch and fullness, this one was actually much better. Nice even, rounded Vanilla without leaning towards any particular one. Sweetness and creaminess were on deck, and I got a hint of the “malty” note that I also got from the Chocolate and a few others, but it was low in the background. Wasn’t a mind blowing as Holy Vanilla, or complex as INW Shisha Vanilla, but good none the less. 7/10.


Blue Raspberry (ODF) 9% (4-21-18) – Trying to decide if this accurately depicts that blue sweet flavor on snow cones or not. It’s in the ball park, but doesn’t 100% capture it. Not getting a lot of blue, and the raspberry was kind of so so. As a few of the others did, felt a tad thin @ 9%. Nothing great, nothing terrible, kind of middle of the road sweetened, darkened fruit flavor. 5/10.


Interesting take. I’m still working my way through testing and note ready to type up notes.

I did find adding a few drops of sb and watermelon to a mix was pretty good after 24hrs.

So far when mixed with fresh cream fa and marshmallow fa and mixed odf around 4’ish hasn’t resulted in off notes or chemical tastes. Blueberry was weak but pleasent. Orange mixed with fw ic was alittle week and had Notes of orange and the white pulp (not zest but pulp)


I’m happy if these flavors work out for people. Unfortunately for me, even when mixed with other brands, I will have to go on the hunt for flavor. Its barely detectable and also not true to the label. But we all taste something different just wanted to share my findings.


And I most totally totally appreciate your sharing. I think it’s great you can focus on sf testing. It’s something I don’t have the capacity of doing and is my handicap as I continue my journey of mixing

This is also why I’m either trying in a mix I know well or just a simple low mix of fresh cream fa and marshmallow fa. Which is the closest I can get to a sf.


Lol trust me its not easy to sit and wait. Lots of people think I’m extremely patient but in reality I’m not. I want things done yesterday and can’t rest till its done.

My husband has to sit me down sometimes and say let’s vape this instead before you’re going crazy lol. I will literally sit here and be like…high note a, off note b…why I don’t taste this? Etc for hrs. Do I want too? No but I found myself sometimes vaping something and its not right, but I never knew why, so I was wasting time and flavors with mixing all over the place, instead of just trying that flavor as single first lol.

Too prove how inpatient I am let me tell you how this went with these notes lol.

I have everything in note books at home, easier for me since I don’t have a phone or PC around me at all times. Due to people asking if I could publish them, I grabbed my tablet and started writing them down, but in German!

Now I did have to translate them, have to look up English grammar (yes I suck at it lol), trying too shorten my sentences but not getting all information across. Changing it, starting over twice. Not lying, I started at 6 am and finished 17 hrs later. It was my day off, so I did not mind. I could not just say I’ll finish this next week.


Pineapple (ODF) 9% (4-21-18) – I don’t have many pineapples to compare this to, but this smelled great out of the bottle. Vaping it proved it to be a weaker, but good pineapple. Got some good sweet pineapple on the inhale, but kind of petered out on the exhale. The room note was very nice, just wish it was as present on the exhale. Chain vaping improved it a little bit. Nothing off putting, nothing artificial, but just needed more presence. 7.5/10.


Have you tried using either Erythritol or Pyure or a combination of both to enrich, lift and help the ODF blue raspberry pop. I tested at 6% with these additives and thought it was very good though somewhat overly “maltoly” maltolie? Lol made up another word. I vaped most of the sample however then added other blue razz’s so my long term sustainability test will need to be redone to confirm longevity or lack thereof…


@mixologist13 I think your on to something here. I did not add anything to any of the mixes, to allow for pure SF testing. I like your word useage. :slight_smile: