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One shot concentrates


What do people think of these and does anyone use and have any favorites,
Reason for asking is its getting very expensive buyng the amount of concentrates to make up flavours I like and I have pretty much now got loads of flavours I have tried and don’t like so not really using them now so wasted money.
I have purchased a 30ml bottle of Heisenberg - Vampire Vape and really like it at 20% so I can get 150ml for a tenner so not all that expensive.
Thinking now just to buy concentrates for 5 of my fav vapes like bust a nut / bleach / kreeds custard and mothers milk and then buy one shots for the rest and il probally save cash
so if anyone can recommend any good one shot vapes il have a look at them .


I haven’t tried any of these, but I’ve heard that Quaks Goose Juices are delicious.



You should make a list of the flavours you don’t want anymore and see if anyone wants to buy them. You may as well try to get something back out of it.


One Shot Wonder - https://www.chefsflavours.co.uk/185-oneshot-wonder

Uni Milk - My ADV
Strawberry Ice Cream - My Other ADV
Strawberry Shortcake - My go to when i need a strong flavour hit

All Yummy!

And of course there is also DIYorDIE - http://diyordievaping.com/shop/



Darkstar Apple Pie and Custard - http://www.darkstarvapour.co.uk/one-shot-concentrates/apple-pie-custard-darkstar

Amazing vape, really tasty


Thanks I will be having a look


Adore E-Liquid and Elite by TVC are both available as concentrates at https://adoreeliquid.com/

Banana Bondage and Blueberry Something are really good.


I have mixed One Stop’s Baked Cinnamon Roll a few times, adding nothing else the last time. I like it! YMMV


Her’s the issue I’ve got with these> I can tell there is sweetener in those. Coils gunk up like crazy. I do not use sweetener unless the recipe calls for it and it’s necessary. Wayne always says Sweetener is optional and I opt out.

Are these made using the top ELR recipes? Seem like they didn’t even try to change the names too much.If so, did they credit the recipe owner/creator?

I’m Guessing - Cutwoodspy Unicorn Milk, Mustard Milk, Matt’s Strawberry Shortcake Bar. I make those and know their taste and I am tempted to get them to check. Have you made any of them and compared?


They are sold in collaboration with Wayne so no worries there.


They are NOT ELR recipes

Like Fenrir said it’s a collaboration, @kreed has his on there too.


For the price you can’t beat it, £5 for over 180ml of finished liquid.

I’ve been vaping on the same coil for a week now and no major gunking 40-60w


@Grubby, @Fenrir1

The concentrates form Wayne are credited but I am wondering if the other 3 I mentioned are? I was wandering if anyone has tried the concentrates as well as the original recipes? I don’t buy them because I make big batches of liquid and prefer to but the ingredients instead. I am also wondering of the sweetener content in them. We moved on from commercial juice which is famous for being loaded with sucralose so why buy it again in concentrates?


Your thinking to hard here…

When you find something you like at a good price… What does it matter?

I just want to vape something i enjoy, ideally I only want to inhale Oxygen but something is keeping me hanging on… :smile:


Chefs also do Kreeds Kustard


Ok so Im reading this thread and looking at the links posted and feeling really stupid. The links take you to already mixed versions of concentrates? So Uni Milk is actually a single flavor concentrate that tastes of Unicorn Milk? Am I reading this right?


It’s all the flavours premixed for you in one bottle, you just add vg and nic, sometimes they require some pg too.


I just noticed the Make One Shot Concentrate feature/button.
I am soo pleased and even relieved for this feature because I need to be able to save the column that shows mg or ml and it doesn’t copy/paste if you choose save as HTML or any other of the options.
BUT if I first chose the "make One Shot Concentrate button and then choose the Save as HTML button and copy the recipe into my Microsoft Word document on my computer it DOES include the mg and ml columns.
I WAS having to put them in/type them in myself manually when I copied recipes into my Word Document where I save recipes. I make a table and have recipies gathered by their main ingredient such as ‘chocolate’ or Peach., ect. I can jump to places in the Word Document or search for recipes containing a specific flavor using the ‘find’ feature in Word.

thank you for somehow giving me this column back. I need it to mix!



surprised no one has mentioned these guys. Pretty good prices & cheap shipping to the USA. Mostly concentrates of popular recipes found here on ELR.

These were my first ever DIY eliquid I made & I made the foolish mistake of making 500mls of the flavor shots that I bought. Lemon Tart clone, kanzi, unicorn milk, biscuit eater & mega melons. All great tasting. Just wish I made smaller batches cause I used up most of my vg/nic & im finding that I enjoy the recipes that I customize better lol


I know this post is old and OP has probably already doscovered Rose Milk by diyordie but um… ROSEMILK!!! The most delicious and perfect S&C… Everytime I try to buy the 120ml it’s sold out, which is my only complaint. We need to solve the damn scavenger hunt ASAP so I can save some $, pretty sure Wayne is already sitting pretty off this one… :money_mouth_face: