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Online persona vs. real life persona


I’d be filling that up with equal parts rum and coke at this time of day


I’d do it Filippino fashion, 90% Rum, 10% Coke


I do it down south style,100% shine.


The bulk of surveys taken are personality tests. People are enthralled with themselves, lol :grin: That’s how Scientology lured in prospects. I remember, as a college student, being approached on the street by a scientologist, asking if I would like to take a personality test. It couldn’t have been easier to lure me into a building with a complete stranger. Sucker! I wasn’t robbed and killed and I didn’t take the bait. The force was with me that day, lol.


Thanks, Bo. I usually go with 3mg and down to one cup o joe. But that’s because I’m easily nerved out, lol. At such low nic doses I sometimes wonder how much of it is in our heads? I’ve had lower than 3 to none and it really didn’t bother me but, I be dayum’d, I’m gonna keep putting that 3mg nic in my sauce.


My online persona is a bit different than in the world of the real. Here i can see my words before i convey my message to the masses, in the real world i have no filter. Even i am sometimes shocked by the things that come out of my mouth.

We all have our glitches, mine is brutal honesty. I reckon it could be worse, hehe. This was an interesting read, thanks!


Yeah, you could be a brutal liar. That wouldn’t help the recipe reviews :smirk:


I’m too much of a realist to have an alternative online personality. Even in a game where most are anything then what they really are, I can’t fake it.:smile_cat:
Oh and I speak in lyrics so whatever I post on the music thread usually reflects my mood for the day. xD