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Online persona vs. real life persona


Nah, just joking around a bit, I’m probably a really sad case, but I find quibbling fun, I really do. My son (who evidently got far too many of my genes, poor kid) and I can sometimes spend hours trying to out-pedant each other, whilst gasping with laughter.

This is me being friendly, in my warped fahion :slight_smile:

Hmmmm. Scary, huh? Sorry 'bout that. I shall proceed to curb myself.


Never silence yourself!!! Especially not by the hand of a daft old git like me.


You realize that doing such a thing is a form of trolling, right? Before you answer you have to ask yourself, am I pointing this out to irritate you and there by play along with your trolling or am I showing my true colors as a cantankerous bitch? :smiling_imp:


I’m just gonna answer ‘yes’ and leave it there.


Hmm. I have stared at this conundrum and read it thrice over., and it still looks like c) she’s just joking around to me.

But that wasn’t offered as an option . I must be over-trusting or summat *shrugs *

In any case, I do honestly think I should curb myself, cos I’ve taken this thread much further off-topic than intended. And its a damned good topic.


So, what are you like online vs IRL? :wink:


Indy Racing League? Now that’s an interesting change of thread course, as it were.


I don’t have a persona , as such. I just follow my (naturally wonky) nose, and act like a natural born ass, just the same IRL as here . I take conversations off-topic, and curiously tug at loose threads (which is especially idiotic given that I can’t knit or sew. Really can’t…though my historic attempts had onlookers “in stitches” and teachers in despair.


If that ever existed, that would of been a good title for games back in the day, running on a c64 or Atari. If somebody still remembers these, or am I too old?:smirk:


Atari, sure, remember it well. IRL, it may not be a video game but at least it’s a thing.


Amazing! I never thought this topic would have the amount of participation it has had,
It really was about a comment made about somebody we all knew and liked, and that “persona” was not that person in real life. It really baffled me that somebody could say that about one of our members, that many of us all considered a friend, and her online persona was just that…her.
On a side note, I earned a couple of badges in and for this topic. Can’t wait to get to the Lounge. :sunglasses:


Congrats on beating your addiction. There are only a few of us that make it out alive (and thrive). Yeah, me too, Paulie. I’m very grateful…and happy for you.


Thanks @muth
Great to know there’s several of us here. Congrats to you also.:+1:


Meh, it’s not really a Lounge so much as a bloody great revolving door with sofas, Moderate your activity a teeny bit and you’re suddenly out on your ear, at some incalculable point in time, determined by some insanely complicated algorithm.
Nope, that’s not sour grapes. I’ve actually managed to cling to my membership card, thus far, but I daren’t chat to anyone in there, cos ya never know when you’ll find yourself unwittingly taking to yourself. I do enough of that IRL :grin:.


Hey? I’m addicted to nicotine and caffeine and have no intention on quitting :wink: Even tho I vape 2mg and only have two cups of coffee (big cups!) a day …try taking that away if’n ya wanna see a “persona”.
…but on a serious note: congrats on beating a real addiction :hugs:


who needs a small coffee cup when you can use a big coffe cup !


44oz of :coffee:, almost enough to get you through the morning :crazy_face:


how much for that monstah coffee?


0.79 cent for refill…


Nice cup. Always good to drink more water when vaping.