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Online persona vs. real life persona


Blah blah blah you big softie !!!


I knew many would know exactly what my reference was to, and I also found it to be an untrue statement and summarization. I was able to read through that whole exchange in that thread after it was closed and was unable to comment. Probably a good thing.


For me Pro_Vapes is a alter ego… I’m a black male and most (but not all) of my friends are African Americans. I grew up in a black community in the last few years of segregation in America. Tough skin was a must where I’m from, but over time I realized being tough wasn’t always what was needed to fit in.

The thing I like most about ELR is that ethnicity isn’t a issue, but contribution is most important no matter your background. ELR has given me the most acceptance that I have received from different cultures. I had never been on a platform WORLDWIDE and be accepted for my contributions to the cause.

I know this isn’t a (Give Gratitude Thread), but I’m very grateful that I found this site and have met so many accepting people. Thanks mostly to @Ken_O_Where for being the 1st to show me kindness, acceptance and for being so helpful… MISS YOU BRO!


Hey! Me too!


lol … had to.


I can’t jump. :grin:


Whaaaat? You’re not really Robert Mueller? Next thing I know you will tell me that intergalactic space aliens aren’t on this forum either! Dang another myth shattered!


Heavy words @Pro_Vapes :slight_smile:


I’m me. Here and there too.

Met my hubby in an online game waaaaaaaaaaaay back in 2007. Sure, he was a gallant Paladin hero and I was a daring Red Mage in that game … but evidently our own personalities showed thru somehow for us to hook up the way we did. Right?

This community is much different than so many others I’ve been a part of. I don’t think there are many folk here that are very different IRL, except maybe being more ‘bold’ than usual in their conversations with one another.

Sometimes it’s easier to just be blunt with folk here online, as opposed to IRL.

But, you know what I’ve noticed over the years? I’ve become more ‘blunt’ with folk IRL.
Yeah. Sometimes I have to go back and apologize for it, cuz ‘brash’ isn’t always a good thing.
But ya’ll don’t have to worry here. I’ll always keep it real and just say it how it is. If I hurt your feelers, well… just message me and I’ll give ya some love. :slight_smile:



Still lovin that MC base !!!


Thanks SD!!! I really don’t use it enuff, but I’ll def be working on some new mixes with MC as the base.


Raspberry Milk Chocolate Truffles?


I remember I saw it awhile back, exactly when I was about to give up on Milk Chocolate, and thought, “Hmmmm, could this work” ?? Well, hehe, it DID !!!


Nice write up. One thing I can’t help but find hilarious. You chose an icon of the most arrogant cracker I could imagine, lol. That is rich!!!



I actually could top that ICON, but I’d be shunned by 60% of America… :rofl:9+

EDIT: I’d hate to end up in a tweet!


ROAR !!!


Well, I’m lovin it. You got it goin on.


yep, My first name is Dark and last name is Jester, my license printed on cardboard proves it. lmao
jk but its kinda cool that mixers I meet in my area actually know who I am when I mention either one of my recipes, and they say “dude, you’re darkjester? of course that’s who’d you be” lmao


From a 14.4 Modem to G00gle Fiber, it sounds like we have each evolved in much the same way. It’s easy to predict this gets weirder over the next two decades. We can all see how this Medium has upended social Human interaction, but if nothing else it has sharpened our wits. This is the new Real.

I mean in Ages past we may have sat around discussing how to DIY fire for a hundred years, but now we’re all jacked-in. From sitting half-naked discussing how we’re gonna make this fire again tomorrow …5 miles away at the next hunting ground, we’re “speaking” in ways the entire World can hear at one time. And honestly, most times still half-naked …somethings never change.

The Inevitable is coming and we don’t know what that is. I see the Internet as a cumulative historical Human event, and possibly a permanent record. When some Quantum A.I. can “see” everything typed since Gutenberg and make sense of it… when Skynet becomes aware… realize your “voice” may hold weight in that final Singularity. Judgement Day may come at the hands of a creation that surpasses us, and is it already “listening”? Ya know? That job we gave it?

What you type in the box matters… or maybe it doesn’t. I mean we’re one big asteroid collision away from “PoOf!”, but if we don’t poof(!) for another 10,000 years, it may be advisable to simply keep your Internet chat :100:. For the sake of Mankind :smirk:

I mean we are all at least Human. We come to Enlightenment in our own time, we want to be Free to see it our own way, we want Justice …and Love …and Forgiveness …so maybe just try harder to be more kind. Everyone’s got their own struggles …plus somebody may be watching :wink: LoL

Ok I think I’m just writing for the AI right now, so… I love you guys, ELR is the coolest.

I’m like this in real life too …annoying AF! :heart:


Maybe when it’s cold…