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Online persona vs. real life persona


I almost said I’m much more exciting online, but I’m mostly a lurker, so… yep. It’s just me. :smile:


One thing I kinda like about online interactions is the complete lack of physical judgement. Whether we like it or not, we are all wired to respond to other humans by sight as well as personality; that’s just basic instinct. I’m not talking about intentional things like gender or racial bias, either. I mean, honestly, sometimes I just don’t like someone just because of how they look. It’s not a prejudice either; maybe it’s some subconscious resemblance to an ex or someone you hated in school for whatever reason, or how you dress. Maybe they have a nasally voice or an accent that just pisses you off, who knows.

Here, it’s just written words. All we have to ‘judge’ are the chosen words or even the grammar used, if that is ever even an issue. Maybe just the look of my ugly ass is enough for half of you to avoid me. Maybe I stink, pharamoneally speaking. Maybe it would bother you if I was naked actually in front of you instead of behind a keyboard. None of those things matter here. I’m ‘the smart, funny guy with the Barney Miller avatar’ (funny and smart completely subjective, of course).


I could have gone my entire life without imagining that I might be typing to a naked Abe Vigoda. :frowning:


If you are in the lounge and naked, please don’t sit in my seat on the couch.


But you’ve imagined it now!!! :eyes::grimacing:



I like not having to think twice about scratching my nuts if they itch during a conversation.


Why they itch may be a good reason to continue keeping you behind the monitor…


Probably just someone I ate.


Absolutely !!! I have no choice, but to be the real me. Faking it, didn’t work out too well for me :smile:


You’re not an old Greek man? Dang, you really can’t read some people!


Yeah there was that time I was posing as a Lesbian in an AOL Chatroom in '96. Started chatting with this freaky chick BiGal69 and she wanted to hookup! Sweet! Some 27 year old hottie wanted to get weird, and since she was “Bi” I figured I could work out the details in person once it was obvious I wasn’t a Lesbian.

When I knocked on the hotel room door, some old Greek guy answered. “Hey… I’m Big Al 69 …come on in” “Uh no” I was outta there …lesson learned …and clearly the 69 part wasn’t the year he was born.

[Disclaimer:This is an old joke from some Stand Up Comedian on TV and mostly untrue]


I shall now refer to you as big al.


This made me laugh because I didnt know you were black for nearly 2 years. I think you hit the nail on the head with your posts in this thread. Here its the words we type that matter. My posts on ELR are who I am, but just one part. I assume thats true for everyone. Are we are “real” selves at work? Dinner with our partners? Checking out at the store? Everywhere I go its me, but my behaviour varies with envirmonment. Here it is appropriate to say things I wouldnt to my boss, for instance.

ELR is a great place for what doesnt matter. We’re here to discuss something we all have in common. The internet is so great that the things that divide us in meatspace are easily avoided and here we see the commonality of our experiences without getting bogged down in divisiveness. We can see the good in people or at least the parts we agree with. Some day I hope we can learn to do that in real life.

@BoDarc your thinking is similar to mine. I think the internet is making time travel possible every day. With so much information archived, we can flick back to posts and articles from 2004 as easily as now. That will continue and expand…and thanks to ELR I’ll never be able to run for political office.


Well… looks like the cat is out of the bag… nice to meet you TRW!


I’d have to say that I’m the same on here as I would be in person except I’m a little more quirky and goofy in real life. I am shy when I meet new people and kind of stay back and watch first before I jump in.

As for when I’m in my nursing persona I’m a little less shy and can drive right in and be the best dam nurse ever! I’m kind and caring and treat all my patients like I would my own family! I’ve always made sure to approach my profession like this.
When I choose to do something I make sure and do it wholeheartedly. I am sort of a perfectionist.

Sometimes I’m way to critical of myself and am shy because I don’t like putting my foot in my mouth. I did that once by asking a lady when her baby was due. She looked like she was 8-9 months preggo!! Guess what? Lmao now but she wasn’t pregnant! Ugggh! Note to self…open mouth and insert foot!! Then crawl into a hole!! Worst moment ever!

My name Jazzy is from a sweet little Chihuahua my husband bought me. My real name is Shelley :slight_smile:


@therabidweasel @Pro_Vapes

This has to be one of the MOST profound, yet short statements I’ve ever heard on ELR. Kudos.




Mixing wise, I can’t think of a place that you’d get faster news about DIY flavor stuff, other than newsletters from the brand manufacturers, Reddit is only as good as rumors almost, and I haven’t been on ECF or VU lately to keep up.


I’m a member of all 3, and to be honest I gained some knowledge their when ELR was in it’s infancy… but now that ELR has matured I very, very rarely visit them. JMO, but egos are allowed to thrive at some of the other forums, but I feel ELR is a ego crusher and there’s a level playing field here.