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OOO flavors


I assume it is where the companies selling Frosted Flake type cereals, i havent seen anyone else selling this type of flavoring. Outside of Grape Nuts Frosted Flakes is my favorite cereal, THEY’RE GREAT!


Yes they are GREAT !! hmm interesting … I am trying to build an order and just didn’t have enuf I want from OOO yet I’ll add it to the list. Bc honestly I like the frosted part of frosted donut tfa but can’t vape donut consistently w/o getting tired of it.


Please let me know what you think of it. Im going to hold off for now because it is the only flavoring of theirs that i am considering at the moment and 906Vapor sent me 120ml of Flaked for my Bday in August which i have barely touched.

I would just order it but i dont order small bottles unless it is the only size available, i would just want to go ahead and order a 2 or 8oz.


Update - We’ll see someone from OOO on the forum soon - and I just got you guys 25% discount using the new code: eliquidrecipes-25

Happy vaping!


Well crap, just placed my order last night, lol. Thanks much @daath, im sure ill be using it in the future. Cant wait to try what i am hoping to be my new ADV.


Cool ! I gave Edgar your email and asked him to up our discount 5% was a little low. So happy they gave us a better one ! I also asked them to be active on the site ! Guess they listened !


They did :slightly_smiling: Good work, Amy! :smiley:


Linky: (tip o’ the hat to @daath!)


Just wondering if this discount is still good? I was about to place an order but didn’t see a place for codes. So I guess I just have to put it in the notes section and hope for the best:grin:…


Also, sorry for waking a dead post, but I was wondering if anyone has any updates of their OOO purchases. I’m really excited to start mixing with their Strawberry Sour belt. Hoping to get something close to OMG’s WTF (hate the name but love the flavor!)


The discount code is still good I used the one under the resource tab on the calculator. I don’t personally have the SB sour belts but I do know Lord Vapor uses it all the time and loves it. There is yet another recent OOO thread around here somewhere.

Here ya go @CalBlackSheep Lord vapor talks about his uses with it in here.
One on One Flavorings


Awesome! Thank You!


I just seen he said he used their flavor and their watermelon to make sb sour belts he didn’t say what %
He’s been sick or I’d tag him maybe tom I could ask him or if ya want you can he’s very nice.


Yah I saw that too. As long as I’m on the right track thats all I care about. Thanks again for the help… Speaking of help :blush: My order page is still up. Any recommendations for must have flavors?


Well I just got my order in today and they were nice enough to send me a free 30ml of sugar cone to try. So far they all smell pretty good. The sugar cone actually smells really good. Can’t wait to start mixing them up!


Queuetue has an amazing cornflakes recipie posted on his all the flavors app… Really interesting use of anise


Thanks bud, ill check it out.


Good Afternoon DIY’rs,

We are doing a special for the week! We are going to be giving a 60ml e-liquid of Sugar Butter Cookie if you purchase at least a 30ml flavor concentrate from us! Just let us know in the chat on our website or write a message in the notes of your order that you saw this deal on e-liquid recipes. We will include it with your shipment! Happy Friday and Vape On!


Oh snap. Grrr. Submitted my first order just the other day. Lol.


I’ve used OOO before. As far as I can tell their flavors aren’t just repackaged.
They shipped quickly. Their prices were reasonable, and every time I used them (3 times I think) they would include free flavor samples. Granted the samples weren’t their most popular, I think the last one they sent was pretzel (??), I never tried it so, who knows.
But all in all I don’t have anything bad to say about them.