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OOO flavors


I just ordered from OOO flavors this morning and saw that they have a 5$ off coupon if you like them on FB. I hadn’t heard of them before someone here mentioned them. I mentioned to them I had heard of them via this forum so maybe they can send us a discount code ! I hope they’re not just re bottled from the usual manufacturing? Any opinions ?

Oneonone flavors

As far as I can tell, they’re “their own” :smile:

I’ll shoot them an email :smile:


Im pretty sure you are right, i believe i read that on the DIY sub. Let us know what you think about them, Amy, queen of all flavorings! hehe


Hi Amy2; How’s this - Queen of all things flavored! - Flavors do look interesting, will admit. They definitely need to work on their website though. Numerous flavors were showing prices in the $100+, $200+ range for only 8oz bottles. They got something screwed up. Might be a touch high but if good enough flavors, maybe worth a few pennies more. Didn’t noticed shipping cost, did you?

OneOnOne Flavors, Need the link, Click


There’s now a 5% discount code: ELRECIPES



whoot whoo !!! Happy dance !


The shipping was about 3.50$ coming from Ca. I like the nicname! Lol. I do like flavors I have too many. When your fiancé picks up a SM 44 mag$$$$$ I told him I think I’ll pick out some more flavors lol huge difference in price But mine Do Add up ! Compromises compromise :+1::blush::cherries::cake::watermelon::grapes:


You make a lot of recipes that you share, thats pretty awesome and thank you. I was told i had to stop buying flavorings for awhile since we have appx 120 and i use a very small number of them regularly. But, to get this straight, i just need to get my wife to herself something big and i can get more flavorings?

The game is afoot! hehe


Just tell her you have decided to open a vape shop and you will have to double the flavors you have LOL


Yyyessss that way she is enamered with x whatever you buy and while your at it buy some flavors lol ! And ur welcome thank you for looking Atleast at what I make. I wish most were dynamite Hmm practice makes purfect I’m striving.


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I just ordered more VG based flavors from OOO this last week and took notice they are going to be adding some candy and fruit VG based flavors pretty soon !!! I thought it was super sweet they gave me a free 30 ml flavor to go w/ my order! Just a heads up that more are still to come !


I just got a BUNCH of OoO flavors in. Like 27 I think. I will hopefully be able to add some useful info to this thread.

I was told by a guy at my local vape shop that they use them almost exclusively. And they have some pretty amazing juices. So I am pretty stoked to hear that’s what they use.

@Amy2 - I am really hoping you keep adding to this thread. You have given me some very useful info so far. Look at My Stash and see if there are any flavors you want me to mix with and I will give you my thoughts on them.

I got a Sugar Cone flavor that I can’t wait to try with the 50/50 Strawberry Ice Cream Bar :blush:


In all this time I have never either…why? No idea besides the fact I always like to complicate things :smile:

I never did get my samples for review that they said they sent me? They also never returned my emails…strange


Maybe we’re complicated ppl ! I just don’t get into single flavors anymore. I’m bored just thinking about one lol.


If I were to do one, it would be the inw sex on the beach that I have had…sitting on the shelf…not touched…still in its shrink wrap…


Yes that sugar cone sounded down right Dandy and the strawberry ice cream bar Muah ! keep me in the loop or better yet plant your thoughts right here !!!


If I get a vapable recipe I’ll send you a bottle. Mixing some now…


Ive been considering trying Speckled Flakes Cereal Type Flavored Liquid Concentrate as i have failed, quite miserably, to make a frosted flakes cereal.


where would you get this speckled flakes flavor ??? Interesting something like a rice crunchie but with a frosted effect ??