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Opinions on Purilum Flavors?


I think it was in the DIYorDIE discord chat that quite a few were talking about how much they liked their Watermelon. Anyone care to chime in on it?


Purilum Watermelon is very good, but leans too candy for me to be considered great. Had I never tried Medicine Flower (or eaten a watermelon) I might not feel that way. As such, I can’t endorse this flavor too much because to me the candyish quality limits its uses. Still, for what it is it’s a good flavor. Clean and bright.

Edited out it’s a great flavor and changed to good flavor because it made me look like an insane idgett who can’t maintain his train of thought. :slight_smile:


@SthrnMixer thanks for the linkage ^^^^. @Ken_O_Where I literally JUST got the few bottles (can’t locate at the minute LOL), but sniff tested, and wow, the watermellon blew me away. HAVEN’T vaped it yet, but it really blew me away with a simple sniff. Vaping is telling, so I guess I gotta get on that.

I’m STILL a lazy slacker and despite having tested a large cash of the RF SC’s I still haven’t moved my notes over to the flavor side of the site, but I will eventually get to it. I’m going to start a (I couldn’t find one, is there one ?) long thread of Perilum SF Testing like we did for the RF SC’s so I at least can stack all my testings in one place, and hopefully others will do as well. I do realize that taking the time to push the info over to the flavor side is important as well.


@SthrnMixer Because you liked the apple so much, how do you think it would pair with FA Apple Pie which to me seems like great crust, and undertones, but weak on the apple. Partners or … ?


No worries, thank you! :slight_smile:

Happy testing! :tada:


If you want a cooked apple flavor then I’ll repeat myself that Purilum Country Apple is the one. I’ve not had FA Apple Pie so I can’t comment specifically.


Understood. I JUST recently tested CAP Apple Pie, and FA Apple PIE back to back. I have ZERO experience with PUR, but am going to test a bunch. The CAP vs. FA was curious. The FA (as other reviewers stated) was a delicious crust/base, with a weak so/so apple, the CAP was the reverse, great apple filling with little to no crust. I started thinking since your take on the PUR was an excellent baked apple, I thought it might pair perfectly with the crust-centric FA. Thank you for your feedback though.


Ill fill in then.

I havent mixed the two, yet, but id say they would work well together. The Country Apple has a bit of a Fuji taste so i think it would help to enhance the light apple in FA Apple Pie.

Hope that helps.


@Ken_O_Where your feedback is always welcome, and appreciated, thank you. Looks like I gotta make annudder order, with some country apple in it !!!


And if that’s the case I would highly recommend the Purilum CA to fill in that blank. But for a true apple pie you need the cinnamon, sugar and butter, right? Holy hell, now I want apple pie with vanilla Ice cream. Thanks!! :laughing:


@SthrnMixer Yeah, tell me about it. I have waaaaay too many OCD ADD obsessions all running at the same time now. Whew, exhausting, AND, thought it would be a brilliant idea to get a bunch of Perilum (new to me) flavors, and setup a bunch of SF tests. I can’t decide which obsession to focus on first LOL…


This was the extent of most my testings. For me, they just weren’t what I personally wanted, so they all went to the back of the line. That being said, I’m sure a lot of people would enjoy them, for what they are. The line I received at the time, or that they had at the time, were all clean flavors. No acetoin, diacetyl, etc. This being the main reason I was set out to pursue them in testings.

So, I can’t be a huge help, I’m sorry. I just had more flavors that suited my personal tastes, to not focus on them for months in steeping/testing.

I ended up giving all the tobacco flavors to my resident tobacco guy and I know he wasn’t impressed with any of them, perhaps just one? I don’t remember if that was the case, nor do I remember which one, if he did.

So, in a nut shell, the fruit flavors I tried, were too much toward the candy/fruity side. I remember having the same feeling I do toward FW. I’m not comparing them in taste so much, as to effect.

The dessert/cream flavors tasted ok, for not having the good stuff but I know a few of them I needed upwards of 4% or more.

This was year(s) ago mind you, so I cannot remember the specifics.

I will say, they are a good company for ejuice manufacturers, here in the states. They are a, Made in the USA company, that produce clean flavors, so depending on where this FDA bs lands next year, they are more diverse in their selections, compared to the other companies that do not have 100% sex free flavors :crazy_face:

Sorry I can’t really help anyone out on specifics. After going through most the fruits, I lost interest. Which is not to say they might not have some fantastic ones, only that they weren’t for me, personally

Now that I took y’all (trying to fit in here in TN) in circles, happy testings!


The story of my life …


i thought it was good yet weak when using a high VG liquid and needed some help. Purilium watermelon is one of the better ones imo. ive done my fair share of experiments like everyone else with watermelon and came up with this. very simple yet very tasty

Watermelon Experiment 8

Ingredient %
Organic Watermelon (NF) 1.5
Watermelon purilium 5

Flavor total: 6.5%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com!


This is my current ADV. I bump the Arctic Mint to 2% sometimes when I want a bit more bite.

Watermint : http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1425149/Watermint

1.5% Arctic Mint (Purilum)
1.5% Watermelon (LA)
8% Watermelon (Purilum)

Flavor total: 11%
Remember to rate it at: http://tjek.nu/r/bn2Z


well crap. i dont have artic mint! is it a super cool wintergreen or peppermint or wintergreen peppermint?


It’s a:


Percentage Used: 2%

Stars: 5/5

Steep Time: 6 Day and 2 Weeks

Aroma: Wintergreen or spearmint, fresh, crisp.

Flavor Description: At a 6 day steep this is a naturally sweet spearmint, slightly cool and clean. I couldn’t detect any off flavors, and it’s not overly sweet like a candy. At a 2 week steep this is a wonderful refreshing mint. I can’t figure out if I’m tasting spearmint or wintergreen though. I am leaning more towards spearmint as I’m getting that faint fruitiness that is usually found in spearmint and it’s very refreshing which is more common to spearmint. And the bite of the menthol in this is just slightly lower than peppermint but more than is usually in spearmint. It also is missing any hints of green or pine type flavor. Ok, based on all that jumbled criteria, I am going to say this is a moderately sweet refreshing spearmint with a little heavier level of menthol. Soothing and cool with that light generic fruitiness in the back note.

Off Flavors: None

Throat Hit: 5/10

Pairings: Almost any fruit, tobaccos, creams, coffees, teas, candy, mints, chocolate, cucumbers.

Notes: I can taste a nice spearmint gum with this as a single flavor at 2-4%. Also a fantastic accent at .5-2% paired with watermelon which is one of my favorite pairings. I think tobaccos and teas will be great with this one as well.

Comparison: FA White Winter is very similar, however it has a slight creaminess that isn’t obvious in PUR’s, and PUR is heavier in the menthol which gives it a little more of a cold kick and makes it seem a bit more refreshing.


I have been eyeing Purilum flavors over at @Nicotine_River and notice that all their flavors claim to be DAAP free under the diketone information posted on the site. Is this true or is it more like ‘not determined by manufacturer’ sort of deal?


Hey @Kenbu this is true! All Purilum flavors are diketone free :slight_smile:


Thanks @Nicotine_River. I will have to get some on the next order.