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Opinions on Purilum Flavors?


I just started looking into the Purilum Flavors today since I am seeing more and more people using them in their recipes. Most of the flavors are flavors I’d likely order but I’m especially interested in the Butter Cream, Butter Pecan, Cereal, Cookie, Strawberry Marshmallow Cereal, Marshmallow and Bavarian Cream.
If you don’t mind me asking, what did you think about the flavorings? Are they pretty accurate in their flavor? Do you think they were worth the money spent on them?


@a_jhasty0830 I haven’t tried all the ones you mentioned, but my fav would be the strawberry marshmallow cereal. Didn’t have good luck with the Butter Pecan, and for the ones I liked, they were worth the money. Check out my notes here …


:grin::grin:I just have to say I truly appreciate when you do these flavor testings with detailed notes… You take the time that most of us won’t or can’t and give the details that most of us can’t pinpoint … Thank You!.. You’re awesome and have led me to some amazing flavor purchases… :grin::grin:


Thanks very much @a_jhasty0830