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OPINIONS PLEASE : favorite Cranberry Concentrate


I thought i had FA cranberry , but i dont have any cranberries and am in need for one. A couple days ago i ate a Orange Cranberry muffin ( only the top) but it was heavenly i never thought of this combo so i am going to try and replicate it. What is your favorite cranberry ? im looking for the opinion from forum members TIA


I actually really like all of the ones I have … FW, CAP, FLV and LA I guess I am sayn I don’t have a favorite per say all of these guys get the job done ! And Orange and Cranberry is a dynamic duo getting the correct orange to cranberry ratio will be a subjective thing. I know I tried a while back and FW’s Blood orange just never was right too acidic for me I should have went with an orange juice/ orange dreamsicle like, TFA Orange cream woulda been better for my taste preferences.

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thank you for the advise , i figure id grab one cranberry flave and try it with the oranges i have , you didnt mention FA ? have you ever tried theirs ?


I don’t think I’ve ever tried it. I looked in my stash online and it didn’t come up. I do like most FA flavors and I can’t see the Cranberry being a bad one… although I’ve heard their Blackberry is not good.


ok ty always appreciate your opinions , btw your right that fruit combo was AMAZING


Now I want a cranberry orange muffin lol ! You’re welcome if I can give input I do. I will say the most tart of them all would be LA then FLV then FW and CAPs.

oohh another one I found I had was Cranraspberry LA it is really smacky tart and good too @fidalgo_vapes


it seems FA may not have a cranberry , lol , i hve the pomegranite and passionfruit which i thought one may hve been cranberry oops


@fidalgo_vapes I have said this many times (not rocket science), but all our flavors are just thin slices of the name on the bottle. “Strawberry” being a best example. This “narrowness” allows for more creativity, but at the same time requires more knowledge about pairings.

A “best” flavor? I know what you mean, but I believe Vendors make flavors designed to pair perfectly with their own line and maybe not so well (automatically) with other Vendors. This has been my biggest challenge, and I get excited about any perfect pairing across Vendors.

Hey I just published my own Cranberry recipe today! I used Cranberry (TPA) which is a truly weird flavor on it’s own… that microslice of distinctive Cranberry alone is not so tasty. I’ve been vaping it all week, so good paired with some Fuji Apple (FA) and for my published recipe today, Lemon Sicily (FA). Tasty SnV! …which made for some quick % testing on how much Lemon to add…easy money.

If accepted as a solid flavor pairing it would be interesting to blend some different apples and cranberries …Country Apple (PUR) and Cranberry (CAP)? I thought I was the ONLY person interested in vaping cranberry anything, so I’d love to see what you cook up, but my point was “best” may be misleading as it’s more about finding what pairs best …because I would never try and tell you Cranberry (TPA) was the best or truest full Cranberry, but it seriously works for this… watching this space :heart:


I think @Amy2 has your Orange! I’m guessing the Muffin was a dark muffin? So like…

Cranberry (TPA) 5%
Orange Cream (TPA) 3%
Carrot Cake (XYZ) 3% (RF SC?)
Lemon Sicily (FA) 0.75%

I think Carrot Cake might work because of the spices (and other dark flavors), but if it was a Yellow Cake type muffin you have plenty of other “Muffins/Cakes”. The lemon peel quality of Lemon Sicily might help the Orange be more like Orange peel …now I want a muffin :wink:


Am I the only one that thinks this concentrate tastes much like orange liquor (Grand Marnier, Triple Sec, etc) or do I just have a dud? I get a lot of alcohol flavor and non-realistic orange and not much cream.


changed title to favorite not best…


I get the same kind of vibe as you. Not a fan.


Later on I went to ELR and tried to look it up lol I still went to the usual haunts BCF, ECX and looked for it there as well never did it dawn on me it may not even be a flavor…yet lol Good to know I can quit searching hahha !


I went to the FA website and indeed, no cranberry.


I’m Cranberry’s Biggest Fan. I buy the huge bag of Craisins from Costco and eat them right out of the bag by the handfuls… maybe a gallon of Cranberry juice a month (no alcohol required). I think Cranberry fixation may be an American thing. Are there any Holiday traditions in the EU that include cranberries?

If it’s non-existent in other countries, there just may be no market. Cranberry (TPA) doesn’t play well with the other kids, and I am overjoyed to find the right pairing %s. The Fuji Apple (FA) tames it, and i am considering it as a single flavor at this point. I hope to see Ocean Spray be just as easily mixed with other obvious flavors like Vanilla and Orange and Creams because Cran TPA doesn’t …it’s gotta be a chemical thing.

So, @Josephine_van_Rijn are Craisins even available in your store?


I have three cranberries CAP, FLV and OOO
CAP is easy to mix with leaves room for error if you only get this one i suggest 4% in the muffin mix
FLV is quite a bit stronger less juicy and slightly “darker” still very useful and could be used to bolster the CAP i would say 0.9-1.25% if you only have FLV or 0.25-0.5% to boost the CAP cranberry
OOO is very sharp is a borderline candy flavor and will get medicinal over 0.5% use is limited

Edit. I have worked on this same recipe already and a good tip is to use INW lemon cake at 0.33-0.5% it adds the golden brown outside of the muffin and the lemon works to embolden the orange…


great info thank you !!! i have been leaning towards the Cap or FLV and am only wanting one because im only chasing this certain profile and the cranberry may end up playing less of a role than the orange … at least based on the muffin i ate

i could be completely wrong also


Which Orange flavoring(s) are you thinking of using?


Yes, you will find them everywhere around christmas for the famous cranberry sauce and they sell cranberry juice the whole year around.
It’s now considered a superfood so they sell the berries dried as a healthy snack too. It’s a shame they often cover them in cheap, syrupy sweetness :nauseated_face:

A lot of you have European roots and brought your traditions with you over the pond :upside_down_face:


ocean spray is the best. cran-grape is fantastic