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Original Crown RBA


And to answer your original question I think I’ve heard of people putting a 3mm clapton coil in there. Seems impossible to me. I have only ever used the coils that came with the RBA and they suck shit.


This is what I’ve seen as far as opening the juice slots. I bet you get a better vape from that





i think you are both right its just shit and these days the coils are cheap and i have so many things in rotation they last forever but ty for the replies and @JoJo if you dont mind could you close this thread thank you @TheTinMan1 ill try to mess with the drill and let you know but back to stock coils lol


ya ive read and watched all i could find i was hoping for a miracle answer lmao


I found that image of the open juice slots on google but @quitter1 posted the pic here a long time ago. @Pro_Vapes has a good build thread here

Crown Subtank Rebuild Deck Picture Tutorial


my last build simple but works on everything lol just not the crown


I miss my crown man. Well it’s sitting right on my desk but I miss vaping on it. That tank has flavor for days.


ya that and the clieto will forever be in my rotation


im going to be testing some RFSC flaves and want to use a subohm tank to switch things up and those two will be used for sure , i need to test these flaves b4 i commit to anymore , since its been so hit and miss for me but the ones that are good are homeruns @TheTinMan1


What is the ID on that coil? @Pro_Vapes has a 3mm horizontal build on that thread. I think the fact I’ve only used the coils that came with it and those tight juice slots is my problem.


I was never able to build anything on the Crown RTA that would equal the manufacturers coil. Since I don’t buy vendor coils I had to retire my Crowns. If they had a Ti option it might have lasted longer. At the time it was the best I ever tried. They were groundbreaking with use of SS coils.


2.5 i cant imagine much more


i cant give it up the rba can go but not my crown lol


im glad you chimed in bc i was getting ready to pm you but you answered my question


I opened up the juice slots on mine and it helps but the coil size needed to get a decent warm vape blocks what little airflow it has. I just started to rebuild the stock coils instead. It’s a bit of a pain but they vape quality is much better.





leaks arent the problem its the taste and dry burn ill try the vertical but im highly doubting it but ty


The Crown will work good on the Hohm wrecker G2 or the slice :+1:


i do need a new mod the slice may be in my future