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Other RY4 Type flavors?


Hello , I absolutely love Ry4 double. I want to get into experiementing with tobacco flavors. Are there any other tobacco flavors that have a simular flavor profile as ry4 ? Thank you


Robin, Hangsen RY4 is a good one to start with if you like Ry4 Double, it’s not a heavy or ashy tobacco, it’s sweet and leafy. FA Soho is pretty good too (not everyone likes it), it’s like a bakery/dessert tobacco, it’s profile is hard to explain, but it is so easy to mix with and crazy versatile as you aren’t restricted by nutty or grassy notes. FA Glory has a slightly nutty profile. I love RY4 Double also, and my fave will always be the HS RY4, they do taste similar, but the Hangsen is more realistic, with a really nice vanilla.


Might give these a read. I’m with you on RY4, hard to beat.
re: Tobacco Flavors Tasting Notes (Misc)


That thread is full of great tobacco DIY info. :+1:

Another one is the Hangsen specific thread https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/threads/the-hangsen-thread.440440/
It’s not tobacco specific, but there’s a ton of excellent Hangsen tobacco info in it. When I first started vaping, I knew I wanted tobacco flavors, and I wanted to DIY. I found no satisfaction in the commercial B&M tobacco flavors I was trying. I knew I had to make my own. Finding that Hangsen thread was my ‘Paydirt!’ moment, and started my DIY adventure.

There is a lot of reading in both of those threads, but it will be time well spent. Good luck, and have fun!


Ok Thank you. I love your recipe profiles by the way. Ill order hangsen.


Thanks Robin, I understand completely the kind of tobacco profile you are looking for, I am the same way. I don’t want a dark or ashy tobacco, or even grassy or super dry. I like a lighter tobacco, one that can be versatile, and accompany many different flavors and still retain it’s tobacco flavor. I even have a RY4 Rice Krispies mix, simply because it works and it’s not an overpowering flavor. Go with the HS RY4. If you want I can send you a 10ml of it, I just got a big bottle. :yum:


This is a great thread. I’m just starting to dip my toes into the sea of tobacco flavors and I’m really enjoying some of the dessert tobaccos. Purilum Sweet Tobacco is amazing, and I really like Euro Flavors Tobacco Vanilla Custard and EF Tobacco Nutty. I’m definitely gonna try some Hangsen soon!


Does Purilum Sweet tobacco have a carmel or vanilla taste in it ?


Oooh, you are so sweet. I just placed an order @bullcity. Thanks for the offer my dear.


Its maybe almost a little of both…? But what I taste most is a sweet honey graham flavor. Its really really nice.


And boom, you just helped me make up my mind on the Purilum Sweet Tobacco, I almost got it last time, I knew I should have.


Sooo yummy!!


I like the Vanilla Tobaccos very much.

If you are into nutty Tobaccos, look for Pistachio RY4 by Charlie Noble. Damn fine mix.


I’m in for some RY4 advice as well… Currently I have TFA RY4 Double but I find it’s just a touch too sweet for my palette.

Does anyone know where there are good flavor notes on the different brands of RY4? Almost every brand has at least one version and I don’t have the budget or time to test them all, nor is every brand available for purchase to me.

I understand that RY4 is more of a tobacco / caramel / vanilla type of flavor and all will be slightly sweeter than regular tobacco, I’m just looking for that hint of sweetness and not a big stamp of it if you get what I mean.

@Josephine_van_Rijn, I know you like your tobaccos too, maybe you have a link to a good summary of what’s out there? :slight_smile:

EDIT: oh fudge… crappy internet connection :frowning: the page reloaded after I posted. I see a good few links with notes have loaded up now


Hangsen RY1 may be more to your liking. From the Bull City description:

One of the most popular and original flavors, the least sweet in the RY range. (the range is from 1 to 4 with 4 being the most sweet).

It’s my favorite of the RY family. If you feel it needs a hint more sweetness, just add a bit of your own.


I’ll see if I get my hands on some hangsen flavors, I’m hearing pretty decent comments about a lot of them.

What I was wondering as well, is there any use for Bitter Wizard (FA) when RY4’s are getting a bit on the nauseatingly sweet side? Not sure if it’s worth the investment or just another “flavor” that’ll sit unused on a shelve.


I’ve never tried Bitter Wizard, so I’m totally clueless as to what it does, or when it’s called for in a mix. From your comment, it sounds like it may be something that calms down certain high notes in a mix, but I’m just guessing.

As far as Hangsen goes. I’m a big fanboy. At least as far as tobaccos go. Have been since I started DIY. I only vape tobaccos. I know what you mean about the unused flavors. I may get a few boooo’s but I just dumped a bottle of Hangsen RY4, and a bottle of TFA RY4 Asian. I just couldn’t find an application where they added anything positive to a mix, and they turned into shelf queens. I’m just not crazy about RY4 or RY4 Double. That’s just me though.


From what I read, it should add bitter notes to a juice that counters the sweetness. So if you have some juices that are just too sweet to vape, it should make them vapable again.
Again, that’s just what I read, I have no actual experience with it but since so many flavors are naturally very sweet, I guess I could see a purpose for it if it really does what it says on the description :slight_smile:


I just read some comments about BW. Most were positive, with one saying it worked well, one day after, but after 6 days, all the flavors seemed muted. I don’t think I’ll be trying it, but it may have a place at times.


Does anyone here have any notes on RY4 Double (Jungle Flavors) and Holy Holy Grail RY4 - DIY Flavor Shack? The flavor pages don’t offer much insight.