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Overwhelmed - Need Help with First RTA selection


My pleasure. I overthink this stuff all the time. Down the road I’m thinking “what was so complicated about that?”. There’s just a lot to consider. Maybe that’s what makes it fun…


Yes sir!! Its an art, not a science…maybe thats why there are so many avenues concerning few topics!


IMO, it’s only a matter of time until you’ll decide to buy a different mod.
If you can afford to buy a mod, batteries, and charger now, I would seriously consider it.
24mm and up is the standard today, very few new atomizers are smaller than 24mm.
If I were you and I could afford it, I would buy a Vaporesso Revenger or Revenger X mod, they are small. very comfortable, accurate, and reasonably priced, 4 x 18650 batteries (Samsung 30Qs are fine for a regulated mod and 3000Mah, or Sony VTC5As 2600Mah), 2 for use and 2 charging, and a charger.
Once you have a decent mod, rechargable batteries and a charger, you will be able to use any atomizer up to 28mm without any overhang and vape pretty much however you like.


There is nothing wrong w/ the tarot and u aren’t limited to any size atty aside from overhang. Depending on your build and how much u vape will determine how long the internal battery will last. If u feel it runs out too quick then it be time to get a 18650 device so u can switch easier.
The industry steered toward the larger 24,25mm tanks but there are plenty of great 22s and smaller single coil rbas are great for flavor. You may be buying an older tank perhaps a year old but there is absolutely nothing wrong w/ any of the older tanks and your wallet will thank you. I would recommend a sxk kayfun5 clone, if u can find one but the kayfun prime is the newer version.
If do want to get the most hrs out of a device it starts w/ your build. It will last longer w/ more resistance and less wire mass so keep it simple till u get a knack for it. The easiest build for flavor would be twisted wire where u can buy it already twisted or easily do it yourself w/ pen and a doorknob. As far as tools go, #1 being an ohm meter and then look around the house. Alot of the kits come w/ shitty tools so look around the house first. You really only need scissors, wire cutters, a few micro screwdrivers 2.5,3.3.5mm and tweezers and the teenage clerk at the dollar store can be your best buddy.
There plenty of threads on each subject and only responded so you can get a perspective from someone who doesn’t feel u need a larger device,the latest gear, fancy builds or to spend a lot of $. Good luck to you, welcome aboard and hope to see u around!


I can second this.
Very easy to build on, excellent flavour and doesn’t require a massive build with a massive power consumption to deliver.

Of the two RTA’s mentioned in the OP I would go for the GeekVape Ammit, though I don’t have any personal experience with either.

For a starting wire I would recommend some 26g SS316L, thin enough to not end up with too high a mass vs surface area, and thick enough to be easy to work with and not deform when installing and wicking the coils. Also stainless steel can be run both in power and TC mode.

As for tools then you don’t really need much. Some flush wire cutters to cut the wire, some tweezers preferably ceramic, to manipulate the coils, and either a coil jig, some small screwdrivers or some small drill bits to wrap the coils on. I will also recommend a magnifying glass either wearable or on a stand, as everything is so bloody small, much smaller than it looks in pictures or video.

I would also recommend that you watch some build tutorials on youtube, I especially found this one by OhmBoy Josh to be useful when I started building.

RDA wicking suggestions

For your first RTA build I too would suggest an Aromamizer Supreme. Due to the way the deck is set up, it’s probably the easiest to wick and coil. A lot of RTAs can be difficult to get the wicking right at first. Lots of juice flowing out everywhere.


Good Call!!! Totally forgot about that. Been working with a stand magnifier and every time I think “I need something on my head”. Just placed the order with Amazon. It will also be a nice addition to my mad scientist wardrobe.


Wow, some serious intelligent responses! Thank you one and all. You’re probably right @benjy337, I’ll probably end up going with a higher power unit in the near future, and i totally agree that the majority of tanks due seem to be 24mms (or bigger). That being said, I still going to try it first on my tarot nano, just to see if the whole “build thing” is for me. If it is, and battery life is too short, I’ll buy…If not, keep your eyes open,as I’ll have a tank to sell/give away.

Thanks @worm1 for the tool advice. I would have assumed the tools included in a build kit were better than the cheapies i already have about the house…Obviously not. I’ll skip the all inclusive kit and just buy a couple of decent ones, and a jig/ohm meter separately.

@IzNoGoat -you hit the ball out of the park. My eyes are really what I’m worried about. Back in the day i food a fair amount of electronic building/soldering, but now I need my reading glasses to take a leak… (Not cuz I’m hung like a light switch either :sunglasses: ) Going to have to invest in a desk magnifier


I was just scrolling down to give you a suggestion but just noticed that @benjy337 had already mentioned it AND give me a shout out too!..how cool…thanks man :wink::ok_hand: but…yeah…anyway I have that mod, its a great little mod too, powerful for its size and full of features, more than enough umph for a dual coil, and as good as the Aromomizer is it’s a bit big for the nano…looks wise anyway, I would definitely suggest looking at the Advken Manta RTA, It’s a flavour beast and not shy in throwin out the fluffies :ok_hand::wink: easy to build and wick too and that you can learn by watching a few youtube vids, good luck in your learning man :wink:🖒




Is it me or is that a gap I see there?


Bad angle, no gap, was trying to show overhang or lack thereof while driving with phone lol.


I have a Griffin 25 Plus love it


In a single coil RTA I’d look at the new Geekvape Zeus. It works very well, won’t leak, and is reasonably priced. IMO the flavor is far better in the Zeus than say the Ammit. Also for coils, especially if you want to go SS and TC-- get some premade ones from Advanced Vape. You can’t go wrong with them and can easily compare, Clapton, Fused Clapton, Staggered Fused, etc.

I still believe the Reload RTA has the best overall flavor and usability of any RTA and I’ve got a pile of them here. If you aren’t opposed to clone, they a readily available in the $10 range. Although, I think it’s awesome enough that even at the $75 price tag for a genuine, it’;s worth it. The suggestion of the Manta is also a really good one. Very close to the Reload in my book and can be had in the $25 range.

Also, give it a go on your Tarot, but you’ll find a dual 18650 really works in your favor from a battery life perspective. In the cheap dual 18650 range, the Yosta Livepor 160 can also be had in the $25 range and while simple, is super light, reliable, and I find myself using it daily, even with three Lost Vape mods and a large collection of others around.

The Livepor with a Reload on it will run all day on the batteries, gives a great vape, and is super light in your pocket.

Just my .02.


I would also recommend the Wotofo Serpent SMM.
I recently switched over to an RTA and was going back and forth for a long time before settling with the Serpent SMM.

Having never used an RTA before, my first time building on it was very simple. It’s also a plus that they provide some premade coils and cotton for you in the kit. All you really need is a flush wire cutter and some ceramic tweezers and you’re good to go.

I also watched youtube videos and they show you exactly how to wick it but its really simple because it is a genesis style tank and it’s almost impossible to mess it up. There will be some condensation no matter how you wick it and occasional leak here and there because it is a bottom airflow tank but it is not really a big issue to me.

If it is an issue to you, perhaps look into the GeekVape Zeus RTA, apparently leak-proof.
Hope this helps.


The OBS engine RTA’s are great for beginners, easy to build and wick, decent enough flavor, good air flow, and LEAK FREE.

I gotta recommend the iJoy EXO RTA. One of my all-time favorites. Sharp looks, single or dual coil decks, easy to wick, near perfect airflow, and nice flavor. Only downside is the topcap can be tough to get off. I replaced the o-ring with a thinner one and it pretty much resolved the problem.

The Manta is very nice. Super high quality, awesome airflow, and great flavor. Finicky wicking thou, will leak when filling if not built right.

I see a lot of Aromamizer supreme recommendations. I don’t like mine. It’s always weapy around the AFC, and the driptip gets too hot for my liking.


Appreciate your input here @Kenbu! Even though I’m not the OP, I’ve been watching all I can when the SMM comes up, because until now, everything about it said it should be my next tank to focus on getting.

For me, it’s a huge issue, and it’s also one of the things that’s kept me locked in on the Theorem. The fact that it just doesn’t leak. I just refuse to have to babysit a tank in order to protect my mod from damage due to liquid.

Damned shame too. I really had high hopes for that one.


Not to hijack the tread, but I have one and it doesn’t leak at all. Dry as a bone. I simply wick it like a GTA. Having said that, it has very good flavor, but IMHO, not the best. The Ammit 25, Crius II, Pharaoh mini, are as good or better.


You’re welcome.

Having said that, I am looking to get the Zeus RTA during Black Friday, can’t help myself.
Looks like a great tank. I have heard good things about it so can’t wait to try it out.