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Overwhelmed - Need Help with First RTA selection


Just a quick update and a big thank you to all that responded (even those members that didn’t respond, but previously posted comments or questions over the years).

I purchased a GeekVape Ammit 22mm RTA, and made my first build last night. All went pretty well, but had a minor leaking issue that i blame on poor wicking. (I think i cut the cotton across the grain,rather than with it…I blame my third glass of pinot noir during the build for that). After rewicking, no more leaking, and a very nice vape ensued that continues this evening. I’m sorry to say i don’t have a good foundation for comparison, as i only had my stock Veco tank and EUC coils prior. Certainly better flavor and better vapor production that that. I’m quite happy.

Based on suggestions here, i started simply with a single stainless wire @ 26ga, which measured .46 ohms. This appears to be a good starting point,and gives me a baseline to play from here. Lots to experiment with over time, so the journey begins.

Again, Thanks everybody for helping an old noob out.



I have several Nanos and use prebuilt coils on them and hardly ever remember to wrap my coils in reverse. No problem installing them. Nano is the perfect first rta IMO. No leaking, great flavor, easy deck and wick, 5ml. and you can use any coil you want.
+1 for AVS, great coils and spooled wire.