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Ozo Stevia Stone


@ozo Wanted to thank you again for introducing me to yet another rabbit hole. FINALLY got around to mixing up a bottle of this, but wasn’t sure how to name the Stevia (Stevita, as mentioned by the OP), and not sure of the weight, literally put 1/2 teaspoon in a 15ml bottle and topped it off with PG.


@ozo, I couldn’t find this covered in the thread, maybe I missed it…but I have Pyure brand powdered REB-A extract. It’s the isolated Reb-A powder with no fillers or other BS. All of your recommended brands look like full-spectrum extract powders from the whole plant.

Have you tried this in your trials? The spoon that came with it looks like an 1/8 of a teaspoon for 1 serving. Super tiny. Thanks in advance!

Just found this on the subject. Looks like I might need to use less.



@Plunderdrum I’m going to have to play the moron here, … Reb-A, … full-spectrum ???


Ha! You, sir, are decidedly not a moron. There are extracts of stevia, and then there is an extract of an isolated compound of the plant that is sweeter and has less aftertaste (supposedly). Check the link in my post for a better description of the difference.


Well hell, guess I shoulda clicked that link LOL.

What is the difference between Stevia (steviodise) & Rebaudioside A ?

The best part of stevia leaf is Rebaudiana A. Stevia rebaudiana plant contains a high percentage of steviol glycoside (stevioside) and rebaudioside A, C, D & F. The Stevioside has a lingering aftertaste while Rebaudioside-A has no lingering or aftertaste. The Stevioside (Steviol Glycoside) traditionally makes up the majority of the sweetness. However, when the rebaudioside-A is higher than stevioside, the bitterness and aftertaste is eliminated or reduced. The filtration and purification process of stevia extract affect the quality, characteristics, concentration and taste. Rebaudioside A can be further filtered and purified up to 99%. That’s why Rebaudiana-A is more expensive. The more purified and concentrated the less bitter and more sweeter it is. It could actually goes up to 500 times sweeter than sugar.

When you see Stevia 90 or 95% Stevioside on the label, it doesn’t mean it’s a good quality or it has no bitterness and aftertaste. Stevioside has an aftertaste even if it is 99% purified, but Rebaudioside A does not possess an aftertaste and has a sweetness flavor comparable to sugar.


Hmmmm, well, I sure don’t like an aftertaste. LOL, I guess I gotta find some Reb A and see what’s what with that now too !!!


Organic Stevia Sweetener Extract Powder- 100% Stevia Leaf Extract, No Fillers, 1,000 Servings Per Container https://www.amazon.com/dp/B014RVNVKS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_MOsIBb553N8AE


Looks like a Reb A to me…

Pyure extracts only one ingredient, the highest quality and sweetest component of the Organic Stevia Leaf (Reb A), making it 300 to 350 x the sweetness of sugar

Thank you.



This is the one I have. I haven’t successfully blended it into VG yet. But I think I was using too much and don’t have a mag mixer, so it’s going to be an experiment soon.



I got this one.


Does not mention the Reb A-Z anywhere on it or on their website. but has the same “ingredient list” as the one posted above. At any rate, I’ve found it to work very well converted to that Ozo Stone (7% in PG). True enough, a little goes a lonnnnnnnngggggg way. So far I’ve not seen any aftertaste or degradation of coil life, i.e. no residue or gunking at all, so I am excited to have finally pulled the trigger, so far. I have always liked to punch up some recipes with sweetener, but that serial killer coil fouler Sucralose has kept me off it for so long…


Not sure if there is a difference. I think if yours was Reb-A it would have listed it. I’ll update when I have some results. Glad yours is working out nicely!


If aftertaste is the main concern, I guess I’m good then. I don’t detect any.

We spoke briefly about this but I’ll put it out here for others who dilute the powder…

I was a bit careless and dumped out 7% of the powder into the bottle, then filled the rest with the PG. The powder immediately refused to drown, and it all clumped together and looked like a cotton ball in the bottle. Yikes! But, I then dipped the bottle into some hot water and shook the daylights out of it in between soaks in the USC, and eventually it did all dissolve and is now clear and will distributed. Just a little warning to think about using warm PG and adding the powder slowly.


Anybody uses natural stevia from his garden?



Sorry to bring up an old thread here, but @Plunderdrum any update? I ordered some on Amazon, and should be here tmrrw


I haven’t gone back to try it again. Totally slacking and using the SteviaClear drops from NR. I’ll check back when I unlazify myself!


OK, thanks.


@Plunderdrum Lazy on brother, we can ALL ride on the Stevia train !!!


what do you use? Are you still using the Stevita brand one?


Yes, the Stevita brand.


thx guys. I guess I will be doing some testing myself tonight