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Ozo Stevia Stone


I have a bottle of that (post #26 ?) Pyure 0.9oz from Amazon, works fine.

@SessionDrummer @Phil_Fish @obijuan @Plunderdrum
Neither my Stevita nor my ZeroCal lists Reb-A in the ‘ingredients’, but like
the Pyure powder, they both say that they extract the sweetest part(s)
of the ‘plant’. They work fine for me, so I continue with them as [tried and trusted].
I vape (it) every day, don’t see any difference if my stevia stone is new or old, my
e-juice is S-N-V or a year old, it performs as desired. Doesn’t matter if I use
cotton or rayon tampons, and I go for weeks without changing them [in a daily
rotation of seven mods/attys], nor do I feel a need to change my SS coils for
long periods of time…single or dual coils.
As I am well set in my stubbornness [maybe just complacent…or lazy], I use
equipment I have had and like, and could not even begin to tell you what ‘newer’
stuff is on the market these days [I still have boxes of things I haven’t even opened, much less tried, from a couple of years ago]. I basically wrap one coil, and it works
for single or dual in my attys.
(red Kanger squonk is my travel vape, going to the store, mowing grass, etc.)


perfect, just what I wanted to hear!

For the Pyure powder, do you use the same amount?

1 teaspoon in 30ml VG?

I was thinking less, since its so concentrated?


I use the same % , just to keep it simple. Sometimes I use more,
meaning I may have a heaping measurement instead of leveled off.
I almost always use the stevia stone at 0.50%, so any difference in
my measuring to make the stone is never really noticed in the juice,
as far as my palate goes.


excellent. Thank you. I will try like this tonight.