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Paingawd here! How about another update?


Thank you so very much. It’s hard to remember at times that this world is full of people, working, loving and living their lives, but it’s so overwhelmingly heartwarming when people from far reaches of the globe simply offer assistance. I’m so very blessed to have this family! :hugs:


Oh, my gosh, Alisa. You’ve done SO very much for me and my family. I can’t even begin to think of how to repay you. You are a sweet, dear soul and will always be in my heart.


Yes, we have 10. That’s what happens when you’re infected with toxoplasma gondii-CAT HORDING!!!

Actually, our house was right next to a shopping center that has a grocery store. People liked to dump their unwanted cats and kittens there and they always seemed to find our house. We worked on getting as many as we could homes while we fostered-we ensured that the cats were fixed and had their shots, as well as getting them adjusted to litter boxes and humans if they were feral. Our town has an animal shelter(Did? Don’t know if the building survived…) but it’s a kill shelter. Depending on their load, once a cat was brought through the door it had as long as a week(sometimes 48 hours or shorter if it had any illness) before being euthanized.

We had the space, the means and the drive, so we became a cat sanctuary. Since kids weren’t in the picture for us, we focused on our fur babies. There’s been times I’d like to wring every one of their cute and fuzzy little necks, but they just sidle up to my leg and give it a bump, toss in the lost kitteh look for good measure and I’m smitten once again. Kids in any form-four legs or two-know EXACTLY how to wrap their parents around a finger or two!


@paingawd im happy to hear that you and your family are ok , i couldnt imagine going through such a tragedy … keep your head up and know that you have a group of people that care , ill be ordering that coil master today and it will be sent direct from wherever i order it from … send


@paingawd Wow. Thanks for the time taken to think of us and provide an update. As we all watch the loss of Life rise and the (1,000!?!) missing, it’s most heartening to hear your story. Ford should send you a new truck for that endorsement! For all you have suffered, it also looks like you have been Graced with a huge Bucket-o-Luck, just making it out of there.

It’s also heartening to see all the emotional/spiritual/financial/vape help rebuilding your Life. Stay Hopeful …the road looks long. I feel your gratitude for all that has come your way, but it’s easy to see how this could take anyone to the bottom. Never forget how you seized the chance to navigate out of there. You saved them …and yourself. I dunno …looks like UR the M*^#@rF*$#er. The Truth has two sides and there’s plenty of reasons to get Dark. When your heart grows cold remember that Light-filled bucket …it’s just as true …just dunk right in there, knowing your bad@ss work clearly is not done here.


Dude. Your voice shook my soul, dear brother. I’ve found the light and I’ll not lose it again. Should I falter, all I need to do is come back to these posts of concern and support to brighten my weary world.

I don’t know if it’s made the news out in “The World”, but there was a gentleman that ferried a load of patients from our town hospital in his Toyota Tundra, not once but TWICE. He loaded up as many as he could, drove them to safety and then had the sheer BAWLS to drive BACK into the flames to help get more out. His truck, once white and perfect is now resembling a rolling toasted marshmallow. The fires melted the wheel wells and scorched the paint, but the damn truck is still rolling about town!(I saw it yesterday, but couldn’t manage to snag a picture) From what I’ve heard, Toyota is replacing his truck with a brand spanking new one. It’s stories like those that are helping people move forward, and there are hundreds more out there. We’ve had PG&E linemen saving giant tortoises, cops gathering loads of dogs into their cruisers, and countless acts of heroism that will most likely go untold. I met a man two days ago that managed to save a line of people in cars by simply getting a woman calm enough to get back into her car and drive through the fire. Had he not, she very likely would have signed the death warrant for him and a slew of others that were all trying to reach safety. They are more deserving than I.

Blessings and love from the smokey northstate!

Greg / paingawd


Hey, I don’t do any social media but @BoDarc that is a good idea!!! Someone should post that out somewhere Ford can see it. Really. And I share the warm feelings for old Ford trucks. I have a 22 year old E-350 that would pull a house off its’ foundation and I will never give it up. Not surprised at all that your old boy made it through without a hitch.


The Growler(As he is so lovingly called) is an 87 F150. It’s been in the family since it rolled off the lot-First it was the wife’s uncle’s truck and then it was my brother-in-law’s. When he got a newer truck(Also a Ford) his wife said that one had to go. He knew I’d been looking for a full size, so he gave us a ring. As soon as I opened the hood, I simply said"SOLD", as it’s got the 4.9L inline six mated to a 4-speed. That thing will pull the stank off a donkey! There’s no AC, other than 2 windows open and as fast as I can go, but I love the cantankerous beast!


7.5L/E4OD here. And that is exactly what I did when I bought mine too. Hood up, hand out. Deal. Hearing your affection and its’ history makes me even more glad to hear it made it out with you. Oh, and he’s “Bubba”.


It had to-I wrecked my Golf last year, and let’s be honest: A VW Golf is fine for carving canyons or beating feet to the City, but in a disaster, it’s the Ford I’d be going for without a second’s hesitation!


Gotta love old fords. Never had a pickup but did have a Mustang Mach 1 with a 351 Cleveland. I loved that car (perhaps weirdly so). Glad you were fortunate enough to keep yours. I’m sure it’s earned it’s place in your heart.


A friend of mine had a 71. We called it the Dead Sled from all of the Cosmic Charlie stickers that he slapped on the back windows. He wound up seizing the motor while running it at about 110 up the Skyway(the main road into Paradise) I wanted to slap him silly, as I’d told him time and again that his motor was burning oil!! Just straight welded the pistons to the block. :angry: He had fun trying to keep that beast on pavement, tho!


So good to hear from you.


Thanks for the update @paingawd
We may be far away in body, but very close by in spirit.


Love ya brother.


Love you more! :hugs:


I think I’m gonna be sick, all this icky love stuff going around!


Oh, you love it and you KNOW it! C’mere and lemme plant a wet one on ya gob!(That’s mouth in Nor’Easter, you perv!)


Any time big boy!


@paingawd - Just a heads-up … @buybest , @Heaven_Gifts , and @Doris_2Fdeal vendors are all sending you new hardware! Woot.

We have awesome vendors too on ELR!!