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Paingawd here! How about another update?



Wow. You all are just the best! Somebody please pinch me, or find the German word that means great happiness in a time of great sorrow, please!(And, yes I know there’s a word for that auf deutsch. Those crazy peoples know all about weird feelings…)


HOORAY!! I finally found a local store that carries Cotton Bacon V2-No more nasty wick!

Show of hands-Who wants to see some hardcore coil gore? I’m sure the damage is extensive, thanks to juice I’ve been chain-vaping.


Judging by @Alisa’s response, I’m guessing that’s a hard NO on the coil gore. As bad as you all might think it was, it was worse. :stuck_out_tongue: Let that be a lesson to all: Keep an emergency build kit or a couple of spare coils in your Go Bag!

While I’m on the subject, if you don’t have a Go Bag ready, please take a hour or two to do so. I would highly recommend it. Had I done so, I wouldn’t have been scrambling about like a damn chicken with it’s head cut off trying to remember what to grab! Get official copies of whatever documents you can: Birth Certificates, Wedding Licences, Auto Titles, Insurance Policies. Get a passport and toss that in there as well. In the absence of other ID, that one comes in REAL handy even if you never set foot outside of your country. Also, get a dedicated SD card and take pictures of your home and property to stash in said Go Bag. I really wish that we had this, simply so that the taking of inventory wasn’t so onerous and depressing(It’s hard to think of Every. Little. Thing when you’re in the middle of mourning the loss of your possessions) There’s a whole slew of sites that have really great ideas on what to pack, from a sidearm and ammo(If that’s your thing and it’s legal for you to do so) to simple items like over the counter pain relievers, TP and antidiarrheals. Trust me on that last one-A rampant case of rotovirus is ripping through the shelters here. Being that sick when you’re home is one thing. Being that sick when you’re evacuated? No Bueno, mis familia!


Oh! Add that one to the list …and “antidiarrheals”

“hindsight is 20/20” takes on a whole new meaning amIright?


Great job @Alisa and @woftam !!


Appreciate the insight shared man.
Invaluable details in that post that would be overlooked by most.

Also quite relevant to folks living in flood proned areas I’d imagine! (especially the paperwork that’s susceptible to water damage)

I’m sorry (yet again) that you’ve had to go through this, but your sharing the lessons could be huge to others (if applied of course).

Kudos once again for being the man you are!


Bro hugs right back at you!

Hey, if I can help anyone avoid some of the mistakes I made, I’m all for it. While I truly and sincerely hope and pray that no one here has to EVER go through anything like I’ve been, we all know the main rule in life:


(I’m really trying to keep to my previous stated PG-13 promise)


Considering the circumstances, I imagine there’s a good bit of latitude available to you for your word choices. I know I’d have a few that were less-suitable under normal circumstances!

The Go Bag, and a strong fire-resistant safe are great ideas; as you said, you never know.


Oh trust me when I say I’ve been making dead sailors blush with some of my language IRL-Have to watch myself where we’re at, since gutter talk is not preferred. So, on occasion I hop into the Ford, roll up the windows and go into Ralphie Mode


We do? I’ll leave this funny commercial here to lighten the mood, since of course that’s the stereotypical thing about Germans and Feelings :wink: Enjoy!


@paingawd , you knew we love you and we were “The other” family, but one thing is talking about it, another is proving it.
It’s so nice to hear from you that things are getting better. Keep your chin up!


BOTRM (Bring On The Ralphie Mode) @paingawd


Almost went all Verbal Gatling Gun on a pharmacist today-Me thinks I need a day off…


Figuratively, right? My neck is so jacked I make turtles look like they’re snobs!


Hey Paingawd, I just wanted to let you know that if I had a dollar to spare, I would give it to you in your times of need. But I don’t so all I can really do is post some Beyonce: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wmc8bQoL-J0


Hey, Joel! It’s not the amount, it’s the desire to help that counts. From the well wishes, the thoughts and prayers to the more tangible assistance that people give-It all eases the heavy load. I truly and sincerely appreciate the gesture from The Jester! Thanks for the metaphysical Beyonce fist bump!


Thinking of @paingawd tonight and wishing you as much peace and happiness as possible. I so wish we didn’t have 2000+ miles between us - we have room at the table. Cheers to you good sir, just the same!


You at the Christmas strip club again? :rofl:
I could swear the one on the right looks like she’s wearing a snow-kini bottom under the red belt!! :beers:


Their brown ale was SOOOO much better than Tumbler! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing but love for Sierra Nevada(Their Big Room is AWESOME for live shows. Not a bad seat in the house, acoustics are perfect, and the dinners are top notch!) but when they discontinued the Brown I was BUMMED-It was smooth, malty and not overly hopped, unlike some of their line. Deliciousness in a bottle, it was.

EDIT: Hoist a second one for me, as I’m currently staying in a Dry House. Cheers!


Glad you got some cotton, I sent some clapton strands and I was going to throw some cotton into the letter with it but I forgot, damn PD. expect a letter it should get there right after thanksgiving, hope it finds you well. I started praying for rain a week ago, let me know if you get too much. We will continue our prayers for you and your family, please don’t be shy if you need anything.
Lets see that coil porn :smile:
Hope you can make prettier coils than me

PS: The ELR community (family) is a strong one, they helped me keep a roof over my head when we were seriously ready to have to move out of our home last year. I feel truly blessed to have such great friends most of whom i have never met. I still owe a huge thank you to those that helped me in my hard times, you truly saved my life.