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Panty Dropper - Award Winning Recipe - You'll LOVE it!


Did you drop yours too? If you mixed it with your wand you could have had a party


Hey, all you big-time mixers out there. For your information, this video was done just to show people at home how to make Ejuice quickly and easily. The original panty dropper recipe was mixed and distributed through a clean lab in Southern California. That’s why most vape stores couldn’t keep it on the shelves long enough before they sold out. It was a huge award-winning recipe still continues to be a favor. So take it easy…


Sorry for offending you as we kids were just having fun with it.


he said he used 100mg vg


Ahh’ well then I have no f’n clue. Lol


lmao but ty for figuring it out


Pubic hair is the issue I find especially when I also dip in my balls.


your GF can suck the juice off your balls too after she drops her panties. @DrChud is going to make a video on exactly how to do it


Thanks for making me laugh until I cried guys! I honestly haven’t laughed this hard in months.


Guess he’s the white Bill Cosby.


I bet he shook the bottles with his thumb instead of the cap because after wanking his wand, his thumb was bursting with flavor. This really is a great video. I poured my fresh VG nic over 1 pound rusty nails then left the container in the sun. It should ripen rather quickly. Can I add .5% anti freeze to this for sweetener?


I just opened a bottle of nic from Nic River 60mg about a month ago, and I keep it in a dark cupboard in a sealed bottle and it has a tint to it. Is it still good?


According to this thread and the comments on the recipe, the name Panty Dropper might have a meaning other than what I originally thought.


No offense taken my brother. Just setting the tone.


It should be fine. Nicotine tends to oxidize once you open the bottle and the air hits it. You can always Google nicotine oxidation and read about it. The color is a result of the chemical reaction


Not necessarily the recipe we were having fun with; but the technique in which it was made in the video. The nic appears to be severely oxidized and we would never make anything with that. And shaking a bottle with a dirty thumb over the bottle opening instead of using the cap. Video was funny and have a slight feeling many others will join in and hammer this in the ground. All in the purpose of fun!


How is your witches brew video coming along?


Something was eating away at my oar. I may have to start again. Out in the woods this time, away from prying eyes and nosy neighbours lol


Hammer away!! The more activity the better for SEO purposes. Thanks to
ya’ll video has had a major jump in rankings. Thanks again!!


We’re all expecting our commission cheques :smile: