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Panty Dropper - Award Winning Recipe - You'll LOVE it!


You know that’s right!


A tint to your nic is way different than what the nic in the video looked like…it is just as @VapeLovelyReviews said…it oxidizes…the more it is exposed to air the darker it will get…but also as it oxidizes it may get a peppery taste to it and not be as smooth as it was originally…all in all, I would say it is a matter of personal preference…as long as the taste is fine to you or whoever you mix for then it is fine if it has a slight tint to it, however, if it is anything near the color of the nic @VapeLovelyReviews uses in his video, I wouldn’t go near it!!!


What a tool


I am dying, this is the greatest.

I don’t have to even say anything, EVERYONE here is handling it beautifully :blush:


Will Nic continue to oxidize even after mixing? All heavy nic juices seem to get a hint of color once they’ve been open for a rew days. Any thoughts to this?


Yes it will


that’s fancier then the old 40 oz beer bottle I use you must have money!!



I thought that’s what was doing it. Thanks.


Great idea to use beer bottles! Finding a cap to fit those threads might be tough. Ah, forget the cap, I can use my thumb even if it has been in my ass all day.


These would work great for beer bottles…



Wished I was in this craft when I drank 1 case beer daily.


If you were DIYing beer just think how much you could/would drink :slight_smile:


I’d be pickled for sure. Using beer bottles to steep juice would be very economical


“VapeLovelyReviewsJan 29 R113
Hammer away!! The more activity the better for SEO purposes. Thanks to
ya’ll video has had a major jump in rankings. Thanks again!!” - Wow- all press is good press. That comment alone should win you another award…if your juice line does fail I would recommend you send your CV to Aspen Vapes, your comments would probably fit in very well there.


Anyone see the testimonial for the channel?


whos adam and what channel


Who awarded the award? Acmemakeyourownaward.com


is adam the guy who made this award winning recipe ???


the yt channel that the “award winning” panty dropper liquid is on (posted above)


why am I picturing a closet full of half-shirts with alcoholic beverage brands on them?