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Papa Smurf


See I knew they were good for something.


i also buy from multiple vendors i do have my go to vendors but its impossible to get everything at one place , are you looking for a blueberry vape for your son ?


Yes, also with strawberries and a bit of cream/creams


Removal of sweetener, using different blueberrry. The possibility is endless depending on the mixers stash.

The challenge to clones is that it takes along time to get it exact. But there’s nothing to say you can’t make something super great based on a concept. Here it’s blueberry mashed with strawberry. Why not squeeze in 0.5-0.75% forest fruit and drop the blue a touch. And so on.


the creams are very similar as well imo , whipped cream , fresh cream , vanilla swirl , i agree with @Chrispdx though , i tried looking at your stash to see what BB, SB and creams you have i think we can put something together that will WOW your son


Cool !! I’ve got a blueberry candy I may just add a bit and like you said get rid of the sweetner. I’m sure I won’t be able to 1 to 1 clone it, so it’s just gonna be test some different mixes. And send them to him or wait till they come down in May. And let him pick from several that he likes.


That would be totally awesome. I’d really appreciate that. Thanks so much


i cant see you flavor stash is tour name the same on recipe page?


It’s actually Paulie V
Sorry about that


Actually I’m going to add the ones I just ordered from bull city too. He loves fruits, I ordered some other fruits for recipes I’ll be working on. Going to star adding ASAP


that worked , hey bro i just bought 120ml of FW blueberry and imo its a great flavor and its very well rounded if you would like i could send you some and with it i could send you a few other things that i personally feel are staples ( of course taste is subjective ) but if you would like and your could wait till end of next week ill put together a care package of flaves just pm and we could go from there , my daughter goes in for surgery tmrw so im out of here till tmrw but let me know and we cld go from there


Hope everything goes okay tomorrow, she’ll be in my prayers tonight


I’ll be sure to say a prayer for your daughter bro.
That would be awesome !!
I’ll be sure to PM you end of next week. Very kind of you TY much


:carrot: were my least favorite veggie until I actually stole from outta the rabbit hole lol


Yea that’s a pretty good e-liquid and I have tried it without the sweetener as I don’t use them often. @Ckemist is actually a pretty good mixer in my opinion. I’ve made quite a few of his recipes and I was quite impressed with several.


Reminds me of the old joke:
What’s blue and red and does 80mph?
A smurf in a blender.

:flushed: RUN @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit!!! :rofl:

Priceless. LMFAO
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


You can see the name they use on the recipe side when you click the avatar.
It’s right underneath the forum name.


That’s frickin awesome! Congrats to your son!

Have not tried that recipe, and it looks like you have already gotten some good feedback but if I may throw in my two cents… Right off the bat I’d add fa sb (red touch) @ around 1%. IMO sb sweet and sb ripe aren’t bad but they’re lacking for a finished strawberry flavor. Fa sb adds a layer to that combo that really rounds it out.
And I’m a bad person to ask about blueberries because I have a hard time tasting them, but since I haven’t seen anyone suggest this yet, I’ve heard some good things about fw bb. Since its such an inexpensive flavor brand, it might be worth picking up a bottle to try if you’re planning on placing a flavor order anyway.

Nope! :laughing: I use different vendors for different reasons. Personally I always start at nicotine river and see if they have what I need. Then the rest of my purchases are usually from either diyvaporsupply or ecx, and occasionally bull city. You’re never going to have one store with eveything you want all the time, so don’t feel guilty. :wink:


Thank you

That’ll work !! Would you knock the other strawberries down .5% each and add the Fa Red Touch ? Or just lift both other strawberries by adding 1% to the recipe ? TYIA


I’d keep the others as-is (for my personal tastes) and just add the fa sb on top. I use that 1-2-3% combo a lot as my sb starting point.