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Papa Smurf


My son calls me last night and tells me guess what Dad I quit smoking and took your advice and started vaping. He’s in Tennessee I’m in Florida he had to be @ work at 11pm-7am and we talked till 4:30 am this morning (wish I had his job when I was in my 20’s) he was telling me about the juice he’s in love with. How much he was paying, I was like, son you know I DIY why didn’t you ask me if I could make it for you. Said,I didn’t want to bother you. So I was loading my cart anyway at the vendor I’ve used as long as I’ve DIY’d on and off for last couple yrs. In between buying retail,back and forth from DIYing. So this vendor unfortunately was out of lots of the concentrates I needed. So I decided to try a new vendor being Bull City Vapors, my first time ordering from them. I’m pretty loyal to my original vendor. But bull city had all I needed and then some. My question being has anyone tried this Recipe ? Has anyone felt guilty buying from some other company ? http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1502744/Ckemist%20Remix:%20Papa%20Smurf


No guilt here. I buy from nic river, liquid barn, and going to order some directly from (tpa)… who ever has the better deal on flavors I want is who I’m going to order from… it’s all about enjoying what I vape and saving my hard earn $$$$$$


Congrats to your son! That recipe looks yummy! It’s always a good strategy to have a plan B and C for vendors, it’s not cheating, lol. Bull City is always my first choice. They’re an amazing company.


I’m vapin this one right now and I like it with just a tad of sweetener added. It is a pain trying to stuff a smurf in a blender. Really fun to watch them spin around though!!!

la, la, la la la Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Has a really neat “leslie” effect. Fast leslie, but leslie.


OMG, that is freakin hilarious.
I’m liking the looks of that recipe also. I appreciate the link, now I’ve actually got 3 for him to test and choose from. Amazingly I’ve actually got the ingredients to make this one on hand. Thanks @SmilingOgre


Thank you so much


My pleasure! Someday I want to do a Hobbit.


Your right I really shouldn’t feel guilty. I almost called them and told them I cheated on them. Lmao


I’ve got enough bad Hobbits already. Bwahaha


Hmm the hobbit looks interesting


That is interesting. I’ll have to rinse out the blender.


It does but I’ll have to wait till I order from flavor apprentice plan to order their sample package that has every flavor they make


Thats going in the favorites, just missing the Apple & Watermelon Candy


The recipie looks acceptable.

I would recommend making him 3-4 variations in 15 ml bottles. And the giving him a few of your favorite fruit mixes.
Most of the time people love a diy mix made with love.



You could always send him a early birthday or early Christmas present.
And send him a DIY kit .


That’s a good idea, in your opinion do you see any changes I should possibly make to the Papa Smurf


You must have read my mind. I was totally contemplating doing this and sending it too him for his birthday in August. Brilliant minds think alike.


Don’t you eat smurfs? Aren’t you Gargomel?


I ordered both when I got started…

One had the hand mixer other had funnels
But mainly I wanted a variety of flavors to start with…


Smurfs are a wonderful entree. After being in a blender for say five minutes you can drain them a vape the juice as well as cook up the rest of the smurf. Great in the broiler with potatoes and carrots.