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Peach Mango cream help


So is this the mix I gave you and you added the TFA Peach to? Just curious…


The following is what I used for the second recipe that I had been informed as being good and very vapable for mango peach.

Mango Peach
Nicotine Strength7.00 mg
PG Level20.00%
VG Level80.00%
Flavor Level11.00%
Amount to Make30.000 ml
Cost of Recipe$1.07

Nicotine - Heartland7.00%
Vanilla Cupcake v2 (CAP)4.00%
White Peach (FA)2.00%
Mango (FA)2.00%
Marshmallow (TPA/TFA)2.00%
Juicy Peach (CAP)1.00%


Oooo, got fancy and added some V Cupcake. Sounds like a good addition to me. Good mix !


You’re recipe is marked private @SthrnMixer. I’m looking for a nice peaches & cream maybe a bit on spicy/caramel & cream side if you have any suggestions!!:musical_keyboard:


Ah, nice for the reminder. I pulled this recipe because I had gotten a few better flavors and meant to redo it. I’m going to put that on my list of things to work on…I had forgotten all about it.

As for what you’re looking for, not sure I have any suggestions. I have made a decent peach ice cream and just this week I mixed one with some blueberry.

I will say I like this one very much…