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Peach Mango cream help


My step daughter is wanting a creamy peach and mango juice made and I’m having a problem with the recipe ingredient and type amounts.
I intend on making 2 slightly different test batches of 15ml at 7 mg nic and an 80vg/20pg or there abouts mix.
I have both Juicy peach (cap) and white peach (fa) to play with and mango (fa). For cream I have Bavarian Cream (tpa), Cream Fresh (fa), Cheesecake (tpa and fa), New Yor Cheesecake (cap), Vanilla Custard V2 (cap), Vanilla Custard (tpa), Vanilla Swirl (tpa)… and also Marshmallow, Sweet Cream, Cotton Candy, Brown Sugar, Graham Cracker, and Whip Cream.
I think whats tossing me the curve ball is the amounts to add to get me into a ball part to start playing with it, I was thinking of starting with about 4% of both the mango and one each of the peaches, but then thought it may be best to use both peaches in the same batch…basically like what is done with strawberry…? Then when I tried to decide which cream or extras I should add to round things out I just felt overwelmed lol… suggestions please?


lirruping has a good peach mango and cream posted on VU here.

I made a few modifications to it and came up with this one. It’s pretty yummy!

Either one might give ya some good starting points.


First let me say I am not very informed on just how strong FA and CAP flavors are but I’m gonna try and help. Let’s keep it simple to start with (In other words a place to start) and you can play with future batches.

White Peach (FA) 2%
Mango (FA) 2%
V Custard (CAP) 4%
Marshmallow (TFA) 2%

FA Flavors are supposed to be quite strong so I kept the numbers down for them. Put lots of cream, and sweetened just a touch with marshmallow. Hopefully this will be a good place to start for you…


Thx @Shaner that first one looks nice, I recall I looked at one of yours while trying to figure this out and you left a remark that it didn’t come out too well, so I thought I’d inquire prior to mixing. I’ll make both these up @Shaner first recipes that is listed and the one @ringling just placed up) and let them sit around for awhile I do appreciate the assistance, like I said I just went blank and needed a nudge in the correct direction to have something to play with, thank ya @ringling


I think that might of been the single flavor mix I tried with the Mango. Didn’t really care for it as a standalone but it mixes well with others, especially the peach. :smile:


Never tried white peach -heard it was great - but your other percentages seem to be right on. I have a quick one that s very similar but with strawberry instead of peach.


your recipe looks really good. have you ever tried guava in lieu of papaya? Just asking because I have no papaya.


The white peach is great around 2% but gets a little yucky above 3 If you also have their regular Peach (FA) instead of the juicy peach (TPA) mix the two at 1.5 to 2% each and you’ll love it.

Nope, sorry I haven’t yet. I LOVE the papaya though :smile:
You can do the recipe without the papaya, I just threw it in cause it goes well with the peach.


Thanks for the tip. Don’t have the white peach either. Gonna get on this right away and rate it later.


Revised that recipe @CallMeTut. @Shaner says the white peach gets yucky above 2%. Make sure to make the change…


nods I see that, made the change on my recipe for it (I won’t mix it until tomorrow evening) also added 1% juicy peach to it since I dropped the white peach down to 2%, for that other recipe … the one @Shaner showed from lirruping, since I don’t have the fa Vienna Cream it calls for I’m going to use Bavarian cream in it’s place.


I thought about adding some of the TFA Peach but if you really get to know my style of blending you would know that I usually use around 4 flavors and no more. Not to say I never use more. I will try a simpler recipe and if it needs more, then I will add more. I’m a firm believer in starting simple and adjust from there, IF NEED BE…


LOL … I’m just the opposite. I love adding a touch of spice and a little of this and a little of that to make the mix more complex and then take it away if it doesn’t add anything :slight_smile:


Good thing I’m not like that, I wouldn’t have any juice on my shelves. Honestly I might blend very differently had I not started a Vape Shop and were just blending for myself. I might blend just like you, who knows. Unfortunately I turned it into a job. Truth be told I have made some VERY NICE 4 flavor blends so I’m not complaining at all…


yeah I can get a little carried away :wink: but like ya said, I only mix for myself … and the wife and kid, some of the guys at work, some of the girls at my wifes job, some of my daughters friends, etc … lol. so I can afford to play around a little.

I’m sure if I did it for a living I would be more conservative and I totally agree … I have vaped some excellent 2, 3, 4 flavor mixes. Some flavors pair so well that they don’t need anything else :slight_smile:


@CallMeTut I’ve had the idea for a peach/mango mix for a while. When I saw your post I decided to get off my butt and mix it. I like it pretty good. Who Wants P&M Cream? If you lean toward sweeter tastes I’m sure you can alter it to suit. Let me know what you think.


Looks interesting, I’ll have to order a couple of flavors to mix it up, I’ve been wanting to get some type of Orange and Dulce de Leche has been on my shopping list for awhile so the only 2 things I hadn’t planned on were the other Juicy peach and the different mango which is no biggie… thx @SthrnMixer


Well have you blended up any of these recipes we have been spouting out? Guess you’re probably steeping. Heck, now you got me waiting for a steep…lol


I mixed 2 of them up late last night (Flow State and Mango Peach (that I added 1% of a second peach to)


Slight update here…
I had mixed 2 peach mango blends about a week and a half ago (mostly for my step daughter) the Flow State blend is pretty weak on flavor and had a fairly dry mouth feel to it, just doubled up the mango on it (I had made a 30ml batch that called for .32 grams mango so I added an additional .32 grams tonight) and also added 1.5 % of Joy to give it some sweetness. I’ll give it a few days to meld and retry it.
The second mango peach I had made up I was informed was very good… I haven’t personally tried it, but she liked it as it is (wanting me to make up an additional 60ml so it can start steeping).