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Peaches and cream ideas


Hey guys just checking if anyone has a good peaches and cream out there . Or even a good strawberry and kiwi recipe thanks.


This is a really good super simple creamy peach recipe. The Inawera peach is a little bit on the darker side, but you can brighten it up a little bit by dropping that peach down to .5% and add in .5% FA white peach. I highly recommend it both ways!
Make sure to give it the full three weeks of steeping, its worth the wait.


i just made a peach and cream about a week ago ill test today and let you know ill lost recipe here in a bit


Cheers dude


Thanks I’ll give that try :grinning:


@SthrnMixer has some top notch mixes an i would bet this is no different…i agree with the white peach in the mix…its a great flavor…very peachy…good luck


Not my recipe, but I’ve been vaping this in the mix regularly for the last three years and still enjoy it. It’s a nice play on the standard strawberry/kiwi recipes with cactus and apple to smooth and add accent. The only adaptation I do is mixing at 70/30 VG/PG.


This is my best Peach recipe. Haven’t tried anyone else’s, so mine is all I can offer. Needs a good steep because there is quite a bit going on. But it’s well-balanced and tasty. Good luck on your quest!


Thanks for replay guys cheers for the ideas much appreciated. :v:️:v:️


In case you don’t like cinnamon you can leave it out. Thats what I do, and it’s still really good


I would also pay attention to the notes on that one - don’t use Rich Cin FLV at 1% Go by the notes @SthrnMixer has added

FLV Rich Cinnamon straight up - I’d say 1 to 2 drops per 30 ml finished juice.


Thanks a bunch guys I will sure give them a try .


I’ll throw mine out there, too. We really like it here.


I forgot where i got the recipe but here’s a really simple one!
WF peaches and cream pie 6-10%
FLV Eggnog .75-1.5%

I mix it at 7 and 0.75