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Pg enhance flavour?


I’ve heard that a higher ratio pg mix will enhance the flavours, just wondering from the experts if this is true… say a 50/50 mix 15% flavour


PG doesn’t enhance flavors. PG carries flavor a little better than VG does, at least that is the general consensus. Personally I’ve never found that one carries flavor any better than the other.


I can neither confirm or deny that statement.
I mix Max VG and have no issue tasting my flavor profiles.


Cool, so I’ll just hang fire steep for two weeks and see the outcome cheers


You will probably find that your e-liquid will mix better/quicker as most flavours are PG based and PG is less viscous then VG.

With that being said though, a good shake and a little steep gets you the same results with higher VG mixes.

Also worth noting that more PG can create more of a throat hit and also a higher PG ratio creates a thinner liquid which is great for carts but not too good for RDA’s.


Hmmmm. Interesting. I though it would be fine in an rda. And maybe not so good for newer wide open rebuildable tanks because many don’t come with juice flow control and may leak when using 50/50.


Good for Carts? Bad for Rda’s? Are we referring to home made coils and factory coils. I run a baby smok alien 80 watt with smok 0.4 factory coils…
That being said my first attempt at mixes was around the 80vg/20pg - 70vg/30pg mark and I’m finding coils burn out rather quickly.


All excellent points
I add: pg molecules are not as dense as vg molecules. A higher pg mix will need a lower flavor % as the flavor is carried better.
In reverse: higher vg mixes will need more flavor% to compensate for the denser molecules.
I stay around 40pg/60vg but i do not use a rebuildable drip atomizer.


The specific gravity of a 30pg/70vg mix will be around 1.18g/ml while a 40pg/60vg one will be around 1.16g/ml.

I suspect that there will be virtually no difference in taste perception due to the very slight increase in density.


Oh. Nice. I guess i was mostly assuming the molecules were denser since vg is exponentially thicker. Thanks for the info!


i agree with your statement if i mix the same recipe at 80vg 20pg vs 60/40 and test both at one week im sure the 60 /40 will have more pop with the flavor , however i do wonder if at 2 months how much different it will , i wonder if the 80/20 will be close , i believe the higher the VG the longer you have to steep , however ive never tested and usually am 70/30 or 75/25 with my mixes


A lot of great recipes are around 70/30 VG/PG. I mix at 75/25. For some reason that 5% PG doesn’t like my throat. I always have good flavor even when I change a posted recipe that is 60/40.


@Craigscar you’ll get more than a few opinions on this. I did actually do some side by side, same exact mix with 90/10 and 10/90 and I found SOMETIMES (not always) the flavors did indeed have a little more punch with higher PG than VG. Doesn’t mean VG muted, but sometimes it just seemed to POP more with higher PG. Now, I’ve had some mixes where I couldn’t tell a difference. I have ALSO have a few mixes where they were perfect with high VG, but when mixing high PG, I actually had to DROP the overall flavoring % as it seemed a little TO high with higher PG.

Your mileage will vary.


very true all of it , well said


My experiences are that VG carries flavor almost just as good as PG, but it will take a little extra time to steep. If you’re vaping liquids that are best after a short steep and fade off with age, you may want to increase the PG a bit more.

That said, I’m talking between MAX VG and 70/30. If you go 60/40, 50/50, 40/60, the difference will be minimal to non-existent. As some have said above, it depends from mix to mix a bit as well.

I think it’s more important to get the ratio right based on the throat hit you want and what the requirements are from your equipment (with regards to wicking and leaking). Just remember you need to steep a little longer than recommended if you increase the VG ratio.

I’ve also experimented with distilled/de-ionised water as a PG replacement. This is something PG sensitive people use to carry flavor and thin the liquid, but I think it adds too much harshness when you vape it.


I agree completely. I personally haven’t detected any major difference. Might be that some people can taste a difference in flavor while others cannot.

Again I have to agree. Although I personally go with a thinner mix for squonkers and RDTAs as well. Might just be me on that one.


Thinner liquids will work in all Carts/RTA/RDA but for me they work best in carts and RTAs where there are limitations/restrictions.

For RDA’s I find thicker liquids work better as they tend to stay where you put them and not go running around and out the AFC as on the Goon.


I can vouch for the PG giving you more throat hit, also I found using a 50/50 mix that I have a “sensitivity” to PG. I try & get ALL my juices in max VG. If it is a 70/30 even an 80/20 I’ll mix in some VG until I get my max VG. Nice thing about VG I’ve found is that VG will not impact your flavor, if anything it will enhance some flavors and balance out others. True I have to shake my juices before I fill a tank or squeeze a shot into my dripper however it is something I’ve been doing almost from the start. Once is ingrained a little shake and yer good to go.