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PG/VG percentages?


I’ve recently started mixing my own juices with some success. I prefer peanut butter & vanilla type flavours for use in my iClear 30 at around 5w (mouth to lung vaping).
I’m not into clouds, just flavour & I’m mixing at 30% PG & 70% VG at 9mg nicotine.
My question is, is 30P/70V correct for my tastes? I just copied the percentages from juices I used to buy & liked but wonder if other percentages would work better for me.


As PG carries flavor better than VG, I would go 50/50 for MTL. Mix up a 10 ml sample and see if you find it better compared to your other ones.

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It is your taste, only you will know what works best for you. Experiment with different PG/VG ratios. The juices I bought were at 70P/30V and I mixed at that level when I started. I’m more into flavor but wanted a little more cloud with the flavor so I tried 50/50, which didn’t work for me. I currently mix at 65P/35V, and that works for me. Eventually I’ll try 60P/40V. It all comes down to trying different things to find out what works for you.


I agree with Anne. The clearomizers have silica wicks. The beauty is they can pretty much handle any juice you put in there. For more flavor you can go 50/50 or if the PG is too high for you, you can go 40/60.

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I usually mix my juice 80vg 20pg
But…my flavor got lost in the abyss so i started mixing closer to 60vg 40pg.
Taste is subjective. There is no wrong way to make your personal juice! Welcome! Remember its an art not a science!


Thanks all for the helpful comments.
As flavour is paramount for me, I’ll try mixing 10ml of my favourites at 50/50 & see what happens. I can always go to 60/40 if it doesn’t suit.
As far as introducing myself is concerned, I apologise for not doing so earlier & will do so straight away. I’m a big fan of forums in general as they are a valuable source of so much friendly & knowledgeable information.
Thanks again for all your advice.


Sounds like a good plan. Let us know how it works out for you!

And no need for an apology - it’s voluntarily, although appreciated. :grinning:


Make one recipie at 50/50 40/60 and 30/70 and do a side by side test. Pick a recpie you are very familiar with and compare. Whatever makes you the happiest is what you should mix.

The side by side with allow you to better determine which is best.


there is no “Correct” or “wrong” in reallity… i mean:
if you were allergic or sensitive to PG, High VG, MAX VG and in general VG would be your only choice anyway no matter if you like MTL or DL vaper…

the only thing limiting you after that is if your atomizer can handle very thick juices…i haven’t ever used iclean 30s so i can’t have an opinion for that… though i guess since you’re not complaining that your atomizers give you a burnt taste or whatever i guess you don’t have a problem with it…

70/30 VG/PG or even up to the opposite 30/70 VG/PG is just what makes you happier… it’s just on user preference and nothing more… i would suggest you too try a batch of 10-20ml at 50/50 or 60/40 vg/pg or to test how it’s working to you :slight_smile:

gl and hf m8 and welcome on forum :slight_smile:


Thanks very much.
I’ve mixed some 60 VG 40 PG but couldn’t tell much difference to 70 30. However, I’ve mixed 300ml of3 different flavours at 60 40 and they are steeping away as we speak


Yeah, I came down from 70/30 to 50/50 and the difference in flavor is quite noticeable…