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Photography and how not to do it


I realized today that I have an actual camera, and not just my phone, so i whipped it out, recharged the battery and decided to give it a go :slight_smile:

Here is what came out

Any other amateur-ish photographers around? :slight_smile:


I want to be but I can’t bring myself to spend money on a halfway decent camera. I do have a GE but its old and crappy.

Anywho, Nice pics. Hope to see some more.


I just need to dust off my old light tent, set up some decent lights and start shooting :slight_smile:

I’ve had this camera for a while and completely forgot that it exists until my sister in law asked to borrow it last week. Now the the genie is out of the bottle again I can’t stop myself :smiley:


Taken with my old Galaxy S5…


My first photo with a light box. Looks like I should have used a white background. Also, I used my Logitech HD1080p webcam for the pic. The drip tip looks weird. Anyway, I could use a tip or two.


What kind of camera?


Nikon D7000 with 60mm Nikkor macro lens


I do own a couple but I mostly take pictures with my phone. The reason is that if I start using my actual good cameras, and my whole other equipment, I’d remember how much I loved doing that.

On top I would grab my graphic tablets from the boxes and re install all my programs, and drown in the million external hard drives with I don’t know how much terabytes of old projects and port folios. Just to hate my life and ask myself why I ever stopped a job I loved doing.

I do still keep lights and such around for reviews, but most of the time I just keep it simple and my phone is also not the newest lol.


Love the Haku on the Pulse X, just found out yesterday how super easy the Pulse X is to clean it, wish the rest of them where that simple !!
How do you like the Haku Phenom ?


Some really gorgeous pics here for sure. I’m always blown away with what a phone camera can do. I use a D 800 but I really don’t spend enough time with it. Funny, when I was in college and had a lot less time I did a lot more with photography.


I love the Haku. Great flavor :slight_smile:


This is four photos combined to get extended depth of field.

Ok, so what if the coil is a little wonky, lol.


Wonky are good! :+1:


Came out great! The multiple depths of the Ogre hair you got all over the atty really stand out! :speak_no_evil:


Lol, I think that’s Bleau hair. He’s a Norwegian Forest Cat. Sheds like crazy. Likes to help me work on vape stuff.


What did i miss? Wicking with hair now?

Here is a vapers still life from yesterday, the big cleaning…


Funny how you looked so forward to each and every one of those things, to now see them all huddled together and nervous now.


A few shots from an iPhone 8 Plus. It does surprisingly well, still not quite what a camera can do but close!


Playing around with ‘product’ photography

Nikon D7000, 50mm fixed lens, small light tent and a little post processing in Gimp


Playing around some more