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Plain Milk Recipe


How can i make a plain Milk Recipe. I talk from this Fullmilk 3.5% fat. This milk what everyone use to eat Oatmeal or cornflakes in the morning. But only the Milk.
Anyone can help me?


I dont have this flavours. I heard its also possible withsome of this flavours in the right mix:
Sweet Cream TPA
Fresh Cream FA
Vienna Cream FA
Meringue FA
Cream Flavorah


Purilum Condensed Milk is a good one.


Do you know of any alternatives that are a bit more readily available? Purilum is really difficult to get outside the US :cry:


(FA) fresh cream between 1-2% and (FA) meringue 0.15-0.50 create cereal milk. Adding some marshmallow for example in low quality, or a yoghurt that don’t have the sour off notes, can push this into thicker or whole milk.

(FA) Fresh cream 1-2% and Vienna cream (FA) 0.5-0.85% create milk you can use in different recipes that are not just cereal.

There’s other combos but I went by the specific flavors you listed.

I personally use ooo cream ( milky undertone (pg), pur condensed milk, TPA dairy milk if I can’t find ooo or pur, not my favorites but a good option.


lets say i want make a Vanilla or Strawberry -Milk. And i want a overall flavour of 14%. Lets say i use 5% French Vanilla. Then i have to increase the FA Fresh Cream % Meringue? Its not possible, or?


What that means pls?


I use Dairy Milk (TPA) @ 1-2%. I like it but I haven’t try it alone.


Unless you are really wanting to have that percentage at 14%, it’s not really necessary for the mix to be that high, it more so depends on the flavors used. I can make recipe at 5%, and it still be really flavorful. Just keep in mind, the more you go up on lactone heavy cream flavors, it can create a sort of coconutty flavor.


You could use some of these flavors. This recipe is pretty Milk heavy, which is pretty much what I was going for. It is a heavy cream, boiled milk type custard. Just using some of these would achieve a nice milky flavor.


From Dairy Milk i get a chalky taste. More a Milk Powder, than a plain Milk.


It seems alot of people have a love/hate thing going on for Dairy Milk TPA, my husband won’t touch it.


I think that’s with a lot of flavors tho. You and I both recommended (PUR) condensed milk.

My husband won’t touch anything that has it. He associates it with the cans of condensed milk sold in Europe and hates it with a passion lol. He rather have the sugary syrup they sell here in the US as condense milk.

Neither of that is what PUR condensed milk actually taste like. Too bad you can’t get your hands on it, Zugmaschine.
Have you found something or still on the look out?