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Private Recipe Sneak Peek (WIPs) Part 1


I love it when that happens!



have you ever wanted to throw some things together that sounded good but you just werent sure they would work together ??? this is one of those for me hence the name CLUSTER , if it turns out good i will add some butter cream and/or FA cream whipped



Just mixed tonight, and the smell coming off the mag mixer is insane smells so good , i think this will be a hit


Here’s something I mixed a while back and… it’s pretty good. It’s not quite right yet, so I won’t make it public in any database, but I’ve posted it elsewhere, and I think it’s worth mixing:

FA Bilberry 1%
FW Blueberry 4%
FA Cream Fresh 2%
FA Custard 4%
FA Lemon Sicily 0.5%
FA Zeppola 4%

I want to rethink some things about this, but if I were to just make small adjustments to it I would pull the Zeppola down to 2-3%, up the Lemon Sicily to 1%, cut the Fresh Cream to 1% and add 1% Vienna Cream. Also, I like the Bilberry at 1%, but that might be a bit much for a lot of people- 0.5% might be better if you don’t like Bilberry’s darkness as much as I do.


Here is my current attempt at a decent DIY recipe…

It’s supposed to be a great Caramel Candy Banana.
First version, just made. :thinking:
Any thoughts or comments would be much appreciated.


When I saw your mix, I immediately thought of this recipe I also enjoy:


Yeah, definitely in the same ballpark. Though I’ve never tried wOw… I like Zeppola enough that maybe I should though, if it’s at all the same.


WoW (FA) is similar, some DIYrs say it has a subtle citrus flavor note, that I don’t pick up. Now I do find the powdered sugar combined with doughnut taste enticing with WoW. Zeppola is an excellent choice as well :+1:


Just got my cleito and loving it.


NICE are you using the .4 coil ??? the rta is actually nice as well and easy to build and wick , but if you choose to grab the rta make sure you get the 5ml replacement tank


Yes. This thing hits so smooth.


Hey there, there aren’t too many fruity, less sweet juices on here, and since that’s mostly what I vape I’ll add a couple that I am working on.


Thanks for sharing! That’s exactly the kind of stuff my husband vapes.


i hit like because i love your name


Only tank I’ll use, it’s all about the serpent mini now though. #workatavapeshop


My latest mix, I call it KMR

It’s a simple mix, 2 parts water to one part powdered kitten milk replacer!

Poor guy was starved and dehydrated when I found him in the barn

He’s much happier now that his tummy is full


You win today’s kindness award! :star:

And the kitten wins the cuteness award! Lol :cat2:


Been absent for a while but this turned out pretty good, even for a minimal few days of steeping…


Have you thought about adding just the slightest bit of koolada in there for the “cold aspect” (since you have Blizzard in the name)?

If you already do, my apologies (I assume it may’ve been cut off due to length).


Good to see you petal! Hope all is well.