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Private Recipe Sneak Peek (WIPs) Part 1


i have not used that combo b4 but i do have them and will be more than happy to mix this up ill have to sub the BB FW and PUR sweet straw with others but the combo of Dulce and milk should be the same


Awesome! I was hoping someone would say that. Thanks dude. I look forward to your comments. Bear in mind, I found the yummy milky taste after a week steep.


i really need to get that FW BB i believe you use it in a cheescake recipe as well and it seems to have a lot of good reviews but for now ill adapt witn what i have and let you know next weekend my thoughts ty for the share


Well, that’s an auto no-go in my book.

That’s on the list as well!

You really do!! It trumps all other blueberries I’ve tried so far IMO! (and the nice thing is, is very usable at only 3-4%!!) :smiley:


This is an easy one; All my recipes are private, potential ideas :wink:

I tried this one with the first few flavors I got in my LB starter kit. Profile is delicious (sounding). The mix? Not so much, yet.

Whipped Cream Waffle

6% LB Belgian Waffle
3% LB Fresh Cream
2% LB Baker’s Touch
1% LB Coconut Milk
.5% LB Vanilla Ice Cream


it amazes me that i have a hand full of BB flaves but none of the top three which seems to be

TPA BB xtra
TPA BB wild

smdh i habe no clue why i dont have the most popular and cheapest lol


I used extra for a bit, and it was decent… But not nearly as well rounded a flavor IMO. Can’t comment on wild.


Yes it look that the problem is on android version. The only solution I can think is to root it and flash an other rom, but it isn’t a guaranteed solution because maybe you come after with other problems. Sorry not a realy help here.


ok elr fam im going to post some WIP that are private until steeped but imo are promising

so the LMP v2 was inspired by my LMP but with notes from @VapeyMama since she was able to test the v1 and i wasnt , tonight i ate a toaster strudel so that was my inspiration for the Toaster Strudel SB lol if anyone does try these please share your thoughts ty ill post back once ive tried each of these


I think that Harvest SB will work nicely in that type of bakery.


im hoping thats one that im wondering about i read what you said about the candy taste which for me the toaster strudel was very artificial candy like not a glazed strawberry so much like you would think crossing my fingers


Interestingly it is candy like yet not overly sweet like Sweet SB (CAP). I think it will work well mixed like that.


you made me very happy , im just getting back to mixing new things and for some reason the bakery / desert vapes are in my head a lot ill let you know how it turns out ill test all these 5 to 7 days then let them steep a bit longer until i decide on them


Ive got everything to make it, if my hand stops being numb in the next couple days ill give it a mixing too.

One of the first things that i thought of making with the HS JF was a variation of Queens Cookie Jar and of course a candy vape. Liquid Barn sent their new Sour Gummy and i was thinking about throwing them together.

Ive said this a few times but i think people will like this flavoring. Thanks for sharing!


These storage cabinets are great



Loveky recipe. Have been messing around with peaches lately. you find Dx juicy peach better than the original tfa juicy peach? I find it’so quite harsh on the throat.


Honestly, I think that peach one is one of the better ones Ive made, I did let it steep for a month (forgot about it) and its almost too flavorful


for the queens cookie jar , all i have is INW pear could i swap at the same percents ? what do you think i want to make this NOW


They are both quite different, im not sure what to suggest on that, sorry.


i have a list of FA flavesi need to get and will add that , im not even sure why i have pear INW it must have been suggested some time lol