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Private Recipe Sneak Peek (WIPs) Part 1


i saw amy2 said it was great as shake and vape so that is what made me want it NOW lol


I usually let it sit for two weeks minimum but i can see it being good after a slight heating, shaking and sitting over night. I dont think the overall mix would change that much.

I have Pear INW too, cant remember why i bought it either. I can say that about half my stash tho. :confused:


im sure a lot of us can say the same , lol


On reddit threads white peach and inw peach are always recommended. I got a heavy wheeze from.juicy peach.

Just so you know, read this



Have used Honey maybe 6 or 7 times as low as.25% and every time it takes over the flavor completely all cream seems to be swallowed up by the honey. Waiting for milk and honey to arrive and will revisit recipes with this as a sub


@Pap this is the one i was talking about in the comment section of your Butterscotch Recipe
your recipe gives me hope


ive never had luck with a BS type recipe

Vape Mail 2017!

Oh Dang…that looks gooood !!!


ty i hope so ive always had difficulty tasting Butterscotch thats why i went high in the pcts ill let you know


Cool then!


Ooh yum, that looks nice!


ive never used the butter rum im hoping its not too far out of whack , ty


Not at all IMO!
Have to agree with the others… Looks very good!


i appreciate that , and you would know based on what ive read regarding butterscotch :slight_smile:


I’ve been around to see you come up from the start. Your pairings and %s are looking very good. Also @VapeyMama is knocking out some good looking recipes… y’all keep it up.


thank you that means a lot , im having fun again and that has helped with inspiration etc


This one is a week old, tasting pretty good so far. It needs another couple weeks most likely but it’s shaping up pretty well so far!


that may be a good base as well , nice work


Ut-oh. She’s leaning towards “the dark side” (tobaccos)!! :flushed: :laughing:


Just ever so slightly leaning… Keeping them sweet and dessert-y is where I’m liking them at the moment. :wink: Trying not to fall deeper down the rabbit hole too fast. :wink:


MF Butterscotch 0.7 - 1.0% and LA Butter Rum 0.5% is a decent combination.

I’m surprised with the 2% usage of BR. I’ve never had any luck using it that high without it taking over a mix.