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Private Recipe Sneak Peek (WIPs) Part 1


Hey just wanted to let you know I was trying to make a recipe with Miss Cream Inawera and I noticed that it was auto filling it to Mississippi. I looked up Mississippi and it looks like that is actually a tobacco flavor. I just added Miss Cream into the database :wink: You might want to update your recipe so that it shows the right flavor :smile:


Personally undecided on Miss Cream…however Missisipi was a dud for me, pineapple cream it is, not a great pineapple though


I felt like a little sunshine and summer for a change. Here’s my latest


Sounds lush! :yum:


That looks delicious! I’m going to make a heavily subbed-out version. Thanks for sharing the Sunshine! We’ve had very little of it in Florida over the last few weeks.


Oh dang it’s pineapple cream not tobacco. The pic looked like a tobacco flavor on inawera website. I assumed that’s what it was before reading the description! Duh! Lol! Thanks for clearing that up for me.

Yea I kind of like miss cream but still kind of unsure like you. I need to let it steep so that I can really see what it’s like. After a week I went through a 30ml of a recipe I used it in but not sure if the chocolate notes were coming out bc of the miss cream or the chocolate cake purilum. I need to try to let it steep solo to get a better idea :smile:


Probably similar, thrown it in a few recipes rather than testing it :slight_smile:


This is just over a week old and I think I’m going to have to make a bigger batch because its getting vaped a lot… Might need a tweak after a full steep but I’m liking it so far!


Do you have a recommendation for a steep time? Of course, I don’t have all of the flavors but I’ve recently gotten RY4 double. I’ve only made one tester with a little custard and meringue which is still steeping.


Sorry I missed your post… There are several, but I’d have to go to the MF site to recall them all. I really suggest you read the notes on the elr flavor page and sort by recipes before you purchase any MF flavors.



I’m guesting it’ll change quite a bit after 3 weeks or so once the vanilla ice cream gets more creamy. Its a little on the harsh side right now but I can see that settling after while (I think…lol). So probably 3 weeks steep time.


Thanks! I’m keeping a list of things I need to buy in my next order. LB’s VIC is a the top and underlined! :yum:


Good! Its a must have!


You will definitely not regret it!!!


Also worth a look for MF flavours and recipes is this womans recipe page, loads of MF recipes from a vendor that shut down:


Having fun with tobaccos


Hey @Ken_O_Where whaddaya think? Idea stolen from @core That Juice!

Soho Corn Custard (SthrnMixer Original)

1.00% Acetyl Pyrazine 5% (TPA)
3.00% Kettle Corn (TPA)
1.50% Meringue (FA)
5.00% Soho (FA)
5.00% Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP)

Flavor total: 15.5%

Will be a long month waiting because this stuff tastes amazing right now. Mixed 3 hours ago.

Food for thought..?

I’ve been on a lemon kick lately. I’m stepping up the MF lemon in this mix because some members enjoy it at higher %s. Hopefully the cake combo will balance it out. If this work out I’ll try the base mix with Orange Cream TPA and Orange MF in combo.



I’m interested in seeing your Orange Cake. Orange concentrates don’t seem to get used very often.


Lol. Oranges are touch if you are going for a specific profile.