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Private Recipe Sneak Peek (WIPs) Part 1


That’s without a doubt. The line between not enough and too much is very fine. I’ve yet to find it :weary:


Gonna give this one a try but will have to use Blood Orange from RFSC.


Awesome! Let me know how it is with RF bl orange! I dont have that flavor, is it better than the one I used? I actually got inspired because I seen this as a drink recipe and it looked yummy.


Not sure if it is better than the one you used. I am subbing RF because I don’t have the FW version.


Alright, time for some honesty. I don’t know if it’s just the alcohol (been drinking since about 10 am) or if this mix is just that good, but I haven’t been able to put it down all day. @VapeyMama I’m looking at you! No, it’s not about the libations, but our common appreciation for the Purilum Watermelon Cotton Candy. Anyway, vaping my brains out on the Mash.


I just love cookies so much! But id be 300lbs if I ate them so I vape em. I’d totally eat this one! Its so creamy with hints of caramel, vanilla with a touch of pistachio n sweet bakery! I cant wait to see what it does when its steeps out!!
Day 2 and three of this recipe: I’m getting really great chocolate flavor!!


Well, there goes my 100% successful recipe rating… just kidding.:rofl: Just from some of the characteristics of RF Oatmeal Cookie, I really thought it would pair with the RY4D, but this mix is really horrible… Kinda like kerosene soaked cardboard.

It’s been steeping for 30 days and it just didn’t come together as I hoped. But somewhere in between the cardboard I am getting some solid notes from the Oatmeal, Vanilla and Caramel. So maybe some good might come from this mix.

I’ve heard some say that the RY4D is a Bakery/Dessert Tobacco, But I just don’t get it. I’ll keep it around for a couple more months and pray that this mix improves.


I had the same thing happen with RY4D and SOHO. It was a custard (Posh Flan) that wasnt too bad after a mix and taste but at a month it was fracking horrible, not at all what i thought it would be. I tried another couple mixes with RY4D and then sent it to someone to see if they would enjoy it. I do not.



I have a Caramel Apple RY4D and a Peppermint RY4D that I realy like. But I won’t be trying it with baked desserts again.


this one was a test with the ry4d now im worried lol


You might love it, quite a few people do. I didnt get much of a tobacco note and as for caramel there are a LOT better caramels out there so i just passed it on to someone who liked it.


Hopefully it’ll be good. I’ve had no problems with caramel and RY4D. I think it was DoD that introduced the cookie and RY4 craze that I’ve seen so much of lately. But like most of his mixes, it just wasn’t for me.


its for my mother and GF they both like some tobacco flave my aunt buys from a company called space jam so im hoping to get something simple , hopefully they will getbthe tobacco note other wise ill have to order another tobacco flave that more prominent


i was actually thinking of adding a graham cracker to this but opted out i wanted it to be simple at first


I have a friend that likes a GC heavy RY4D (Halo Tribecca Clone). I figured I’d twist the RY4D with OMC RF. HaHaHa… such a bad idea on my part.


Have u tried the Hs ry4 or holy grail ry4 yet? They are so much different than the ry4d TFA. Huge difference even between the hangsen and the holy holy grail ry4. The TFA ry4d wasn’t for me at all for some reason but the other two are definitely bakery!!!


No I haven’t. I like a Tobacco mix on occasions, but not very often. So after my earlier attempts at NETs, I kinda lost interest in most tobacco mixes.

For some reason Bakery Tobacco seems a bit weird to me. That’s a term I’ve only recently heard and it kinda sounds l like a oxymoron. Maybe @Kinnikinnick can better explain this to me.


The holy holy grail is more bakery. Not like a tobacco. Wow u wouldn’t be disappointed at all. Its really fabulous! I tried the candybecca and trifecta with ry4d and steeped them for a month and then two and three and couldn’t vape them still.


In the holy holy grail, I dont taste tobacco, only this creamy, caramel, vanilla. Best smelling flavor I’ve smelled out of the bottle or tasted. I’m really not sure why they call this one a tobacco at all. No off flavors and just a creamy delight!


They probably would sell a lot more if the title on the bottle was the same as what’s in the bottle… sometimes DIY get too confusing.