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Private Recipe Sneak Peek (WIPs) Part 1


Alright, for whatever reason I tend to stop on your recipes, but all three of those look like winners again. And I’m somewhat of a sucker for a juice with the word “Pudding” in it.


Chilly Jilly

Ingredient %
10% Menthol (TPA) 1.00
Black Honey (TPA) 0.50
RY4 (Hangsen) 4.00
Turkish Blended (Hangsen) 3.00

Flavor total: 8.5%

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put this together for a friend that smokes menthol cigarettes and wishes to convert. Hope it works out.


This weekend’s mixing session…



Dang it. Dark chocolate mf again. Some day I’ll get the balls to order it. Lol.


It’s my favorite of all the MFs I have. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with it.


This sounds like the words of a wise man. “Many hands make light work, but be careful… too many cooks spoil the broth.”
Is this what you mean by sharing development, I’m trying to crack chocolate, seems like a harder flavour to crack.

Which I tasted after a few days and realised way too much chocolate. (1st time). I then added more to that mix:

Now I’ve got more flavours I’m gonna try this today.

Hope my long winded post is appropriate I’m a newbi that likes lots of opinions on everything.

Getting flavours ready think I’ll add malted milk as well.


Pineapple Crack Lumps mod, just gave me an idea for Orange Pineapple Ice cream.


That’s sounds like a nice combo, we used to get these chocolate pineapple lumps in oz, not sure if it’s a world wide thing but they were the bomb, thought it would be hard, especially since I made my first mix on 6 Feb.


Exactly… sharing mixes that’s under development or not quite ready to share publicly. I think this could lead to inspiration for some mixers or maybe even get tips for improving what your working on.


I’m learning all the time on elr, I’m addicted ha ha…
Life’s all about the the tips and tricks, I’m all about sharing, best way for me to learn. I don’t copy many recipes, I gradually add new flavours to the mix once I understand the flavour combo.
I pick a flavour for the day or the week and keep adding a new spin to it until I find my favourite.


Thats an excellent way to do it!! What kind of flavor profile do u normally like?


I started with just plain fruits, I used up 10ml of Straw ripe in the month, then I turned to apple. I needed something to vape seeing as I’m crazy and went straight for diy, after I had enough to keep me out of trouble, I started adding creams and custards.
This week when I ordered flavours I ordered multiple pine, mango, peach and bigger bottles of st ripe and fuij apple they seem to be my favs at the moment.
I’ve only stepped up to 30ml mixes a couple of days ago.


That chocolate custard looks nice:)


I’m a little concerned about the custard %, but I want this mix to velvet-y smooth. I may just start with 5-6% instead.


Thanks, that makes me a lot more confident. Of course a nurse thinks the same way.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I should give a shout out to @woftam he invited me to the aussie crew and has helped me enormously, plus his way of explaining works with my little brain.


1% cap sweet cream will smooth it right out lol don’t listen to me I’m a fanboy for that stuff, I’m pretty sure there is a percent or two of sweet cream in every creamy mix I make lol


I should add this is the one I think is the worst, I’m much happy many of the other mixes, but I thought this page was about development, so the perfect forum in my eyes.


one of the top sweet creams imo


Still a work in progress, its missing flavors, the flavors I think that I am missing will be in my next order, so far this is what I have tried.


Working on one of my first real recipes. I just made it public to see if anyone liked it. There are some changes and tweaks that I am going to do, but I am really proud of my first real non terrible recipe (meaning it was good to my pallet… lol).