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Private Recipe Sneak Peek (WIPs) Part 1


Inspiration is a mother… I CAN’T TURN IT OFF!!!

Baked Apples

Ingredient %
Cinnamon (MF) 0.20
Frosting (Flavorah) 0.30
Green Apple (MF) 0.50
Honey (FA) 0.10
Liquid Stevia (Pyure) 0.30

Flavor total: 1.4%

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Just Cinnamon... almost :)

Ingredient %
Cinnamon (MF) 0.20
Frosting (Flavorah) 0.30

Flavor total: 0.5%

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I heard of a sangria with cucumber and mint, anyone interested in converting this to vape !? :blush:


@Pro_Vapes how is the FLV cookie?


MY thoughts are it’s pretty good and it’s kinda potent. IMO it get a bit weird tasting at higher %s… above 1%. It’s not quite as good as Cookie FA though. It seems a bit sweeter and softer than the FA Cookie. It also need a long steep to reach it’s peak flavor.


Ok thank u!! Ur recipes look great!!


Ive got a bunch a custards with this name, 9 versions, and all ended up too dark. Frosting is an interesting addition, yes i took your advice a year later, lol. Whats the Whipped MM like, Fluff?


This is a recent purchase and my 1st mix with it. I didn’t do a SFT on it, but I’m relying on the notes supplied by other mixers.


If you were to sub the MF cinnamon with rich cinnamon, what % would you use?


Here’s a sneak peek at what I’m working on right now.


Probably around 1 drop per 20-30 mls. The MF Cinna has a sweet note to it, so you might want to increase the Pyure to .5% if it comes out a bit bitter.


I have a few that I’ll be mixing very soon. It’s more of a concept at this point…


The Cinnabon and Strawberry Ice cream cake look killer!

Any recommendations for subbing the JF yellow cake (and percentages)? (don’t have it, so no clue how it compares to Cap or FW)


FW Yellow Cake is actually better than the JF IMO. If you still use it than mix it at the % you normally would use it for a top note.


@Pro_Vapes Ive been working on another carrot cake too, not sure how many times ive made one but you talked me into frosting FLV and the very first sniff forced me to make another version. Im sure it will end up being a dozen versions tho. I mixed this one last night to tweak the rich cinn just a bit.

Also, i agree with Yellow Cake FW. Of course im missing several flavorings to mix up that SB Ice Cream Cake, specifically for the SB base. I do wish i had some Coconut FA and Pyure right about now.

Ill likely have to change the name as there are a couple in the database already but i mixed this one tonight to play with some seldom used flavorings.

Caught in the Rain

0.20% Avocado (Flavorah)
0.75% Coconut Milk (LB)
1.00% Cocopilada (INAWERA)
0.50% Pineapple (SC) (Real Flavors)
0.25% Sweet Coconut (Flavorah)

Flavor total: 2.7%

This isnt something that i will vape but the wife might. Each time i make her a Pina Colada she says the same thing, “Yeah, its good.” which translates to, “D00d, this suxs!”. No mmmm’s or nummmmm’s. So every once in awhile i mix something new, thing is i aint ever had one. Im from Wisconsin, its beer or whisky country.

I used the avocado for mouth feel, not so much for the flavor. Not that it isnt a nice flavor on its own, it is, but i feel there are other uses for it too.

That was it for tonight, mixed up some Strawnana @9.5% to see how low i can go.


I’m glad I waited before I mix mine. My carrot % is way off.


For me carrots in carrot cake is more of a sweetness that one might not be able to pick out if they didnt know what carrot cake was/contained. In my first mix with it i went at .7, i could taste carrot, distinctly.

I really like that flavoring, ive got it in a couple fruit/cream mixes too. There is a frozen fruit bar line that is fruit/veggie and that carrot sweetness is in several of them, in mixtures one wouldnt think it would be good.

We think a lot alike, im not sure if it is in my private or public notes but brown sugar was a thought for me too. Cream Whipped was not and its a good idea, @fidalgo_vapes sent me a 30ml awhile back and i had only picked up another 30ml of it so i save it for Vanilla Cookie Custard but i reckon i got a bit to spare.

I dont have Zeppola but ive got everything for the mix you based that one on, and i still have everything out so im gonna give it a go. The wait on that Lemon Cookies is killing me, ive opened that bottle to sniff to many times already…


Well after all… You trained me! Part of the reason is I really latched onto your style of mixing a long time ago and you were and still is a major influence on what I try to mix.


hey :slight_smile: that reminds me, I found and bookmarked KOW’s Butterbeer quite some time ago, and am working on getting together the ingredients for a PG-free version.

I found that there’s a Kandi Hed VG-based Butter Rum . Purchased that. :slight_smile:
I had the Butterscotch (MF) already. I’ll just have to double up on that an omit the Flavorah, I guess.
I have various creams and buttercreams from Flavour Hub ( the Kandi Hed people) and RF
RF cream soda , check.

I’m probably as ready to give it a shot as I’ll ever be, But I don’t see how I’ll ever know if my version tastes like KOW’s original…or yours! :frowning:


I am actually tempted. Got the drink recipe?


I do not have the recipe, it was a colleague who told me that he had drunk a sangria, with cucumber and mint, and he liked it very much :blush:

Edit: I can only say that it is a sangria with white wine!