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Private Recipe Sneak Peek (WIPs) Part 1


white wine! this gets weirder and less workable. Sure he wasn’t drinking Mohito on acid? :laughing:


White sangria tastes nice :slight_smile:


Here is the recipe! just add cucumber and mint! :grinning:


yeah. simple. :laughing: mint and cuke, i have. it’s where the heck to get workable PG-free white wine that’s bugging me (MF sauvignon blanc is delicious but scorches too easily, And i need to save mucho dosh for the alternatives I have in mind) ) I think i’ll pass after all .


Not to be sad, there’s the hint of White Cherry MF mixers with Chocolate MF, with some luck you get a “Mon Chéri” :grin:


I don’t know anything about pg free aromas but maybe there is a champagne one? Maybe someone tried to make a white wine tasting vape with sepetrate ingredients like white grapes and sour or something? I don’t know, just trying to help :slight_smile:


thanks but if it was normal red sangria, i could have done this easily with ingredients already in my stash. it now invilves an ingredient that i hope to get in the future, I’m just not that interested that i want to expedite my (rather costly) future plans for it. i’ll just stick to vaping the red stuff :slight_smile:

ooh! now there;s an idea. what % of luck ? and do you know any vendors who sell it? :crazy_face:

But, back on topic,I really , really want to make Butterbeer!

Here’s my draught recipe. The KH % is pretty huge cos KH are really weak . That would be about 50% recommended usage .


Butter Rum (KH) 10.00%
Butterscotch (MF) 0.70%
Cream Soda (SC) (Real Flavors)1.25 %
Sweet Cream (SC) (Real Flavors) 1.50
Vanilla Ice Cream (SC) (Real Flavors)1.50

Any comments? does the rest of it sound about right?


My new adventure started today , this has been on my mind for awhile . This recipe is a WIP and i do plan on using these 4 flavors and potentially adding to the ICe cream base , but first i need to get these percentages right , straight off the mixer the pistachio is faint with a subtle touch of cherry NO chocolate notes , but i didnt expect any so next test one week … very promising though

update : pistachio , cherry , and chocolate is all here i think i need to add some sweetness and mouth feel which i believe ill try FLV frosting and a combo of FA vienna/ fresh cream or maybe Fa marshmallow not sure yet but this is turning out to be something ive desired for awhile … will make this public soon …


I haven’t really posted any recipes here on the forum before, but I though I would post a couple here that I am working on, if for no other reason than to see if there is anybody who have some (constructive :sweat:) critique.

Rosemary's Baby

Ingredient %
Apple, Fuji (FA) 1.50
Pancake (TPA) 0.85
Pear (BH) 2.50
Rosemary Shisha (INAWERA) 1.00

Flavor total: 5.85%

Ever since I tasted the INW rosemary for the first time, I have wanted to make a recipe where it was the dominating flavour and not just an accent. Mixing it with apple and pear is not my own idea, but something I read somewhere (can’t remember where), and it works quite well imo. It however also felt like it needed some bottom to contrast the high notes, so I though “I have this pancake which I haven’t been able to find any use for whatsoever, so lets try it”, and it actually turned out quite well imo.

It however also feels like there is a bit too large of a gap between the high notes and the bottom, and it needs a 5th flavour to bridge that gap, I however have absolutely no idea what that 5th flavour should be. Perhaps I just need to play a little more with the percentages and perhaps raise the apple and pear a bit?

Elderflower Mojito

Ingredient %
Elderflower (Flavorah) 10% Dilution 1.50
Lemon Grass (Flavorah) 0.20
Mojito Havana (TPA) 2.50
Rum (BH) 1.50

Flavor total: 5.7%

Someone in a completely none-vaping context told me that elderflower and mint goes very well together, so I thought lets try to make a Mojito with elderflower, and based on my test I would say that he is right. This is very much a work in progress, really more of a prof of concept than a finished recipe, but I think it has potential. the mint flavour is still dominating, but not as much as the mojito flavour alone, and both the elderflower and the lemon grass ads an interesting twist to it.
*Note that FLV Elderflower is an extremely concentrated flavour, and that I have used it in a 10% dilution, if used undiluted it should be 0.15%


I have a few mixes I’ll be trying this weekend…


I see you got some Italian Cream, that stuff is so good. Gets a little too sour, for me, in the 1%+ range. Ive been working on another cheesecake and using it as the sour cream component.

That Peppermint FLV is POWERFUL, ive got a few mixes curing that i used it in :slight_smile:

Im gonna mix up that Peppermint Milk Shake tonight, looks so good.


I am trying this and it is working pretty well.
Waiting for the steep but may reduce pepper if it doesn’t tame itself


Ive been thinking about that black pepper for awhile now. I had a blueberry black tea once that had black pepper in it, it was divine.


It is good, very complex, quite a bit of a kick though, start low :slight_smile:


Yes. Do it. It will be good. I only do a drop or two in a 15 ml. 4 week steep and will settle into place.


I’d go for a little more specially for a long steep receipe like custard. From my experience, 0.3% background note, 1% usable but too much.

HIC pepper ice cream uses .5 to 1 iirc.


Okay. So i was totally lost on this bit here is a WIP
2%green tea (flv)
.5%Blood orange(flv)
.25%Macaroon (flv)
.25%Vanilla Bean (flv)
.25%cherry blossom (flv)
1%Whipped cream (flv)
If its not obvious, i have never worked with tea, and do not drink it regularly…
Hows it look?


Looks like you’re in a transition period… You’re really dropping your usage % for your original mixes. I notice this because I’ve been following you for so long. They all look very good. Keep’m comin’!


The way i vape and my ability to taste/smell has changed so much over the years since the stinkies were booted out of my life. After following @SmokyBlue’s work for awhile i figured id give it a try and am very surprised at how low i can take some of the flavorings.

Even my old mixes, Strawnana im down to 9.5% on the batch that is curing and everything is still there. Coils last twice as long too. Ive got a batch of Subliminal curing mixed at 8% and im thinking i could go a bit lower next time.


I always thought MF was nearly exclusive for the under 1% mark. I’ll definitely try some other brands at lower %s. Thanks to you and @SmokyBlue for the info!