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Private Recipe Sneak Peek (WIPs)


I haven’t played with this flavor enough to really know. It’s unique that’s for sure, and not that it reminds me of Mad Mix (Red Bull) but so far I’m thinking it will be used much like it - to add accent and that ‘something extra’ that’s hard to figure out. Once I have more experience with it I’ll share the 411.

Here’s one I mixed about 3 hours ago. Had a taste and it’s good. Thinking I could have done without the Lemon Sicily but that notion may change during steep. It’s also pretty darn sweet too. So far though I’m thinking it might be a bingo…we’ll see. WIP.

Strawberry-Lemon Cake (SthrnMixer Original)

Ingredient %
Butter Cream (CAP) 1
Cream Cheese Icing (LA) 1
Cupcake Batter (Flavorah) 2.5
Custard (FA) 1.8
Lemon Sicily (FA) 0.5
Nonna's Cake (FA) 2
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 5
Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 3.5

Flavor total: 17.3%

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Got a couple more I’m working on today that I may put up here.



I’ve been messing with this one for a couple of years & decided today to finally make it Public.
I really like it.


@Wayne_Walker did a video a week or two ago in which he made up 2 versions of a “Pumpkin Pie” I made up both of them and tried version 1… it was okay, I mean nothing wrong with it, it was okay. My step-daughter last year around this time had asked for a cinnamon semi-redhot type of vape, and the little bit I had vaped of this version 1 of Wayne’s pumpkin pie made me think about that. Anyway… I handed it over the other day for her to have and she came up to me last night telling me how happy she was about the cinnamon juice I had made up, she was really enjoying it. Of course she was getting the cinnamon flavor from the Pumpkin Spice (TPA) I used and not from actual cinnamon.
It being @Wayne_Walker recipe I can’t just post it out there but if you watch his diy channel I believe it was this one … that he came up with both recipes:

Loranns Cinnamon vs others

As you know I didn’t have the Cream Whipped, so I followed your advice and doubled the Cream Fresh. This has steeped for 2 weeks now and it’s very, very good. Man that RF Strawberry is so good and I know this mix will just get better over the next couple weeks. Thanks for yet another great recipe share my friend! :thumbsup:



Thanks SM… I let a few people try it and they also raved about that strawberry. It’s definitely top shelf.


OH MAN! I just remembered what i forgot, that eggnog you sent me. Im breaking that open in the morning and rewicking.


How long does the Strawberry extract have to steep? I mixed some and some peach last night, let it breathe a few hours and now it smells so glorious!


I barely made it through 1 week before my 1st batch was gone. @SthrnMixer has tried it at the 1 month mark and he said it was even better at that point.


Has anyone vaped it after 28 hours? :grin: Should I try it in the interest of science?


I did and it was the best SB I’ve tasted. I’m exercising patience this time to see how good it can get.


I’ll try it before bed and report back. So far, all the strawberries I’ve tried ranged from no taste at all to nice jello/candy type to ultra sweet with a hint of jam. I’ve never had an awful one but I’m hoping for more of a fruit/berry than candy.


IMO @SthrnMixer’s description is spot on to my experience with it.


@Ken_O_Where, I hope it hits that egg nog passion for you…Let me know if it does…


Holy CRAP this is good! Now I’m gonna have to make a 30 mil so I can let some steep, lol. Thank you so much for the tip. I can’t wait to try the peach!


What you should do is make a bottle and set is aside for Christmas morning. That will be just over a month. In the meantime you can make and vape all you want just leave that one to steep. Then you could tell us all the dealio.

I find all these extracts have the same background note - probably from the alcohol extraction method. Cap off after mix for 24 hrs may eliminate this, I don’t know. But once that weirdness is gone it’s all flavor - for me at least. Then again it may be like other things where different people are more sensitive to certain tastes than others.


I will try this, thank you! This is such a nice strawberry, I’m excited to try the peach now.


Mixed this 5 days ago. Been vaping 2-3 ml/day since. It’s really looking like a solid recipe as it’s starting to ripen into what it will eventually be. Enjoying it but still a WIP for now…

Butter Overload (SthrnMixer Original)

Ingredient %
Butter (CAP) 0.5
Butter Cream (CAP) 2.25
Butter Toffee (SC) (Real Flavors) 1.5
Butterscotch (MF) 0.8
Vanilla Butternut (LA) 0.7

Flavor total: 5.75%

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OMGosh, the 2 and three week tests of MF Butterscotch are mind blowing at 0.5 percent!!
So rich, so creamy, so smooth! This stuff is worth the money! (Can’t wait to test the caramel and orange that I ordered at the same time!)

Quick question about the Cap Butter… Is that the original, or the ‘new’ Golden butter? Is there a difference in your experience?

I have a few new LA to try… But I don’t recall seeing butternut mentioned before. Given my limited info (and the recipe) I’m assuming this isn’t a squash flavor… LOL - I’ve never heard of any other kind of butternut before (at least as far as I recall ATM).


Hey buddy, long time since we’ve talked!

It’s the original. To be honest I’ve always just assumed the Golden Butter would be another disappointment so I’ve never bought it. Got a 30ml bottle of the original last time I bought some which has been a while now. Hoping I can still find some when this runs out. Sorry I can’t advise.

And absolutely that MF Butterscotch is good! I do wish I could find something that tastes like the little buttercsotch disc candy but yeah, this stuff is the shiznit.


Yeah, it has been a minute! Hopefully you and yours had a wonderful holiday season!

Have you tried FW Butterscotch Natural?
I’m absolutely loving that stuff @8%, and I plan on finding the mix between that and the MF Butterscotch next. It should be an off the charts combo IMO! Probably going to have to do a dilution of the MF though. (Unless maybe 1 drop of MF goes nicely with 4-6% of the FW BSN, which will be the first test I think) Either way, I have strong leanings that this pair/duo may have just found the perfect butterscotch for my tastes!! And that’s been a long hunt!