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Private Recipe Sneak Peek (WIPs)


Can it be used to create other malt flavors other than chocolate?


Screenshot - thank you :blush:


One of my favorite flavorings. Pretty much all of their creams are nice, some of their bakeries and tobaccos too. I wasnt a big fan of their fruits or drinks except for rootbeer, its the perfect rootbeer barrel.

IMO they do creams very well.


We have a couple CBD threads on the forums with a TON of info on where to by and how to make liquids. Give the search bar a quick workout to find the treasure, hehe. Holler if you need any help.


Yes, I use it in many different recipes for specific purposes.


Your juices always have the best names!


Haha thank you!


I also use FA Sour with fruit a lot. Wondering… I’m using stevia. Should I try pyure? Yes marshmellow is wonderful and so is cotton candy.


I’m not sure what the difference is between the 2. I’ve only used Pyure and it has worked out very good for me.


Additives. And they can vary from brand to brand. Which is why I prefer to use raw stevia (powder), into straight pg. That way nothing unwanted colors the mix.


I have the Pyure clone (with added citric acid and vinegar) which I only use with fruits and I have the reb a in pg which i use as a general sweetener with non fruits. I almost always pair with Erythritol.

TBH I rarely use either but I have them there.


Yeah, that’s one of many additives I’ve yet to try. Once I get flavoring under my belt, I fully plan on testing the waters with Erythritol, malic acid, and citric acid for starters.


Interesting, you are the second or third person I have heard of, doing this. What in your opinion does it do to pair the two together?

I tried Erythritol on its own and it wasn’t very impressive, but maybe I will have to give this a try. Suggestions on ratios or percentages?


I can’t speak for ejuice, but in baking I use 2-3 parts erythritol and 1 part stevia. The stevia is quite a bit sweeter but can be bitter if you use too much, and the erythritol can give somewhat of a cooling sensation (again, in baking) if you use too much. They actually work quite nicely together to balance out each other’s downsides.


@VapeyMama totally nailed it that is the exact ratio I use and the exact reason I use it :grinning:


I guess I should get some erythritol for my ejuice now, since I now know that I know how to use it! :laughing:


just got done trying this one wow its good!


What does the wow do here? Is it more for the bread or is the filling part of it important too? Its the only flavor I don’t have, but I have a few sub options… Ever used Paczki (sc) (rf)? I think that might add some “filling” depending on how prominent the fruit is in wow. Not much bread in that flavor, but I was thinking zeppola (fa) might work for the dough.
Anyway, nice looking recipe!


Wow is more the dough. Recommendations on it are to put it with fruit to make jelly doughnuts.


It was a bunch of stuff I had not used yet and wanted to try, it just worked out,