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Pro vaping petitions! Be the change!




Just a few…add more or merge if needed


Thank you for sharing this! I will also share where I can.


…and pick up the phone and call your representatives! :wink:

… not only about vaping, but any other topic with which you are concerned! Calls are ranked higher in influence… talk to a “live body” and give them your name and zip code at a minimum. :+1:


I’ve called (only the secretary answers “I’ll make sure he gets the message”), wrote emails (automated responses), and posted on their Twitter accounts. The struggle is real but that I’m like a telemarketer…I will call again. :expressionless:


I’m pretty sure my senator and congressman are getting damn tired of hearing from me, reading my e-mails, letters (nothing says serious like a certified letter from your constituents, just make sure you get that baby powder off your hands first.) and Facebook posts.
I didn’t vote for either of them, but I make damn sure they know why and how I’m spreading the word of their “for pay” votes.


…and again and again and again… til they know you by the sound of your voice. :smiling_imp: