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Problem with sweeteners. Suggestions please


Fair enough, I just know how I feel when I get nic sick so that’s what I was basing it off of.


hmmm. Thanks. I have Marsh and pear on my list so far, so pear might actually be more useful than I thought.


@Cutlass92 No worries. I appreciate the insight. I’m trying to adjust into this, and do have to watch that I don’t overdo it. I’m a new guy and all that.


@CallMeTut Yes I do see what you mean. My first list is growing, and I need to cut it back. I like the Newbies article that someone wrote, with good flavors to try, and a best bang for your buck list of flavors. I was reading it last night. All suggestions welcomed.


TBH I have given up on them. Don’t even use then anymore. I have converted all my recipes to leave them out and if needed I’ll pick the sweetest flavor in the recipe and replace the sweetener in a very small batch. I’ve never had to go through more than two or three flavors to hit the mark.


@GPC2012 So if I get what you are saying, you’d bump up the quantity of the sweetest component sufficiently to overcome the loss of sweetener. Some additional quantity, perhaps close to the quantity of the missing sweetener. I like that idea. I imagine it takes a bit of experience to have a feel for when and how to apply that.


If I remember correctly it was TPA Whipped Cream and CAP Sweet Cream when mixed I got something clear off the charts sweet wise. Was 2 or 3 mixes with the pair involved before I figured out what was going so ballistic with the overwhelming sweet I was getting.
Not the first pair that combined to produce an unexpected result by any means.
Once I got it figured it works well as a sweetening agent if creams are involved.


I’m studying and finding some of what I think are my favorite flavors are coil killers. Ugghhhh!! Trying to learn all of this before investing in RTA. Thanks to everyone for the tips. I’m picking it up as fast as I can.


I’ve settled on 2 sweeteners that works well for me…

I mostly use it with fruits paired with Sour Wizard (FA). It’s the best sugar replacement that I have tried.


I still think I’ve only scratched the surface with this as a sweetener. I’m mostly using it with dessert type mixes, but the more I use it, the more I want to use it. It has pretty much replaced Marshmallow and Meringue as a sweetener for me.


@Pro_Vapes I ordered a small quantity of stevia. I’ll start there. Thanks again for the info and support.