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Problem with sweeteners. Suggestions please


I have tried a few local brews as well as the major brands. The majority have an overpowering sweetness, and that is all I can taste for hours after. I found myself feeling sick to my stomach daily until I switched to something not too sweet. One was a local bourbon recipe that tastes like feet. The other is cutwood sugar drizzle.
I’m thinking I need to switch to fruit, maybe strawberry? Perhaps mod milk or cutwood?
I really don’t like citrus and feet taste.

I have seen what some say about the heavy cream flavors that you get left with as well. Not sickening but still a rather lingering odd aftertaste.

If others have experience the sick stomach feeling, explain what you learned and did to work around it please. All suggestions and advice welcomed.


Sounds like nicotine issues to me, drink water and stop chain vaping. And lower your percentage of nic.


I can’t use sweeteners at all because they make me feel sick to my stomach. I’m not sure how I ever vaped commercial e liquid it’s just something I noticed a couple weeks into making my own. I can taste a single drop in a mix and it makes my stomach turn. Could be psychosomatic but I don’t think so. Any food or drink with artificial sweetener does the same thing.


I go through same exact thing! Stomach pain first, then a kind of nauseated feeling, especially if it was an oversweet juice, it happened a lot before I started making my own, a Bubblegum line of Eliquid was a bad one for me, it was heavily sweetened. If you are getting it made for you, I would ask that they don’t add any sweetener.


I smoked 1/2 pack a day. I treat vape same way, only go outside every hour or so, about 5 min each. I’m on std 6 mg/ml juice. If I get too much I can tell because my heart rate increases noticeably. I don’t think it’s nic, because of the aforesaid, as well not all juiced do it, only the really sweet ones.


I agree with everyone I would lower your nic even though I was a smoker for 43 years a hardcore nic addict if vape too high of a nic I get shaky and it upsets my stomach


I’m the same way. Sugar is literally like poison to me because I’m diabetic. But the artificial sweeteners have always made me sick. The exception is stevia which as long as I use just a little has no bad effects at all. I use pyure and the stevia drops NR sells depending on what I am mixing.

I’ve read a lot of alternative medicine articles and every one of them claims aspartame and the others are poison. I tend to believe it.


I’m avoiding artificial sweeteners myself, because i just doin’t trust them. I have allegic reaction when i eat them, that’s for sure. when I think one of my mixes neds a tad ,more sweetness, I’ve tried adding naturaL flavour extracts like RF brown sugar flavour.
Not too sure that that I can trust even the natural flavour extracts to be sweetener free though. I mean, what if the marshmallow they naturally extracted the marshmallow flavour from was made with artificial sweetenerr , hmm>?
that probably a silly question , based on taking the process too literally, but hopefully you see what I mean?
I’m not rabidly concerned about that issue. I’ve had no nasty reactions to my vape yet, so I’m drifting towards being more cavalier about it, but i do have one big , annoying issue with the flavours that i’ve added as sweetener:
So far, they’ve all acted to mute the flavour of the other ingredients, and turn an otherwise nice, flavourful recipe into a sort of nondescript “brown flavour” . Aaaarg!
That’s my problem with sweeteners, ATM, And i would also appreciate suggestions.


Have you tried the Stevia sweeteners? To me Pyure can make some fruits “pop” a little and I haven’t noticed any muting. But I don’t use very much of it either. I lost my taste for sweets long ago.


Not yet, I don;t quite trust Stevia either, but my resistance to that one is breaking down now.
I just recalled an exception to my complaint, mind. MF Wildflower Honey does the job nicely. But I just don;'t want everything tasting of honey. Honey-flavoured Mohito? Hmm, weeeell,hey! I might just give that a trial , for the crack ,come to think. What’s one more bad idea down the drain? And it might just be good. . But it wouldn’t really be Mohito, would it?
I find most of my mixes need no sweetening at all, not even when i think that they will, because I’m aiming to replicate the flavour of some kind of sweet confection. Maybe the fact that I’m using all VG is a factor there/,(VG being naturally sweet)


Well I know for the wife and I we literally have to lower our nic every so often because our bodies need less. I don’t think it would hurt you to try it.


Marshmallow. :+1:


I only use it occasionally and then only when all else fails. When a recipe calls for a vanilla, vanillin in small amounts can act as a sweetener. But there are a lot of people who advise against using it. I simply don’t know but I use it occasionally with decent results.

One thing that sticks out to me is that we were all smokers and tobacco is approximately 30% sugar. I’ll never forget my first hand rolled Cuban cigar. I was on vacation in Cozumel Mexico and had stopped smoking but gave in to temptation. And that cigar was like inserting a bowl of sugar into your mouth. And yeah, I was right back to smoking cigarettes again after "just one " “because I was on vacation”:laughing:
Now we are told that burning sugar causes cancer. Its hard to know or trust anything.


I used Pyure one or twice, each time gave me “sugar lips” (be quiet @Cutlass92 ) not bad, but I would suggest if you do use Pyure to start very small and work your way up to hit the sweet spot (literally). Marshmallow as @Grubby pointed out seems to work well for me also as a sweetener. I personnally have been using TPA (I don’t get a heavy mouth feel of Marshmallow from it) and it doesn’t (at least to me) try to take over the rest of the recipe.


Yeah, I should have mentioned I’ve been using (TPA) Marshmallow @ 1% :+1:


Absolutely agree. 1 or 2 drops per 30 ml does it for me and any more will give the sugar lips thing.


@Cutlass92, I get where you are coming from. I should be on the very low side of my nominal intake. My wife notices the slight withdrawal, and says so. I think I’m on the safe side with 6 mg and 3 ml per day. I have no sickness issues with other 6 mg recipes, just the ones that leave a lasting sweetness in my mouth.


Thanks everyone. I will get the marshmallow and some stevia and start from there, in small quantities until I get the hang of this. I’m going to start mixing my own.


I haven’t tried any sweeteners. Adding a .5-1% marshmallow, pear, or honeysuckle has been working well for me and only enhances my flavor rather than changing it.


Just don’t start complaining about the rabbit hole your starting to slide down into. I would HIGHLY suggest to pick only a couple recipes and vape them until you wish to change things up a little. Or your likely to start “collecting” flavorings that you won’t really use much (if ever). Not saying that it’s bad… but I’m starting to look at my flavor collection like baseball cards (or tribbles).