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Project hide duplicate and single flavor recipes is done


My next recipe is going to be called Forrest Whittaker’s Left Eye and it’s just going to be FA Soho at 12%


I have one single flavor recipe and I only posted it because it is the only SF that is worth vaping all by it’s self, but I made sure it was know in the title that it was a single flavor.


TZ, thank you very much and I wish you the very best for December! <3


Lars ate his Wheaties today.
Thank you.
This is exciting


This is awesome :slight_smile:

I’m calling dibs on the 100k recipe again :smiley: woo!


Don’t know what I did…but yer welcome! :blush: And may you have a flavor inspired December as well!


A Big and necessary Move …

Cheers Lars …


Totally, TZ! I forgot now too, but it was something you said… It will hit me later today, watch! :innocent:


Great work @daath you do a lot of good things for the community.


Font change on the forums this morning? Wasnt sure if it was my tired eyes so asked others and replied with “looks crisper”


Hmm I did some forum updates, but I didn’t notice any visual changes myself…


Hmm, well either way, am not complaining as it looks good merely taking notice but was apparent to me when i opened the list of latest topics


Ah, yes, they seem to have tweaked the list :slight_smile:


I think that topics were added as well. I don’t remember them being there before (i might be wrong tho)

erm make that categories


They? Who is “they”? :thinking: Like Santa’s helpers?

Duplicate recipes driving me insane :)

Thank you @daath . I am so grateful for being able to use this wonderful website because without it I would be totally lost,ELR is my bible for mixing e juice. Thanks again!


Very nicely, and accurately said (for many of us) @Lucas_James_Holden.


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