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Project hide duplicate and single flavor recipes is done


OK. So this is pretty big. As I’ve posted about before, you can no longer publish single flavor recipes - they will be forced private. Also if you try to publish a recipe that is a duplicate of another, it will be forced private.

Now I’ve taken it a step further:

  • 8,271 single flavor recipes has been hidden.

They were hidden, because I don’t feel that they are necessary; you can add a suggestion for single flavor percentage, and you can write a note on the flavor.

As for the duplicate recipes: I had to take the website down while the script ran. It took 47 minutes, but now all duplicate recipes has been hidden:

  • 4,224 recipes had duplicates.
  • Dupes had been favorited 33,072 times - the “original” recipe has been favorited instead.
  • 2,906 dupes had been rated - the “original” now has those ratings as well.
  • 7,662 dupes were hidden.

In total, 15,933 recipes has been hidden in this run.

Now, there ARE instances where one of the dupes were actually the original, so to speak. Like if someone published a recipe on reddit, for example, and someone inputted it on ELR before the author had the chance to input it, then the author’s recipe would actually be the original and the first one inputted a dupe, but for now the real “original” is hidden.
If you run into some of these, drop me an email or use the feedback form on “My page/favorites” and I will fix those.


This is great…I can’t tell you how annoying it was trawling through single flavour recipes when looking for new ideas or starting points, or just a good recipe!!

Thanks for this ongoing work its much appreciated. :smile:


This really is Huge :bomb:
Thank you, It is Greatly appreciated :raised_hand:


That’s a good thing. Thanks for the effort :+1:


this will have an affect on the raing system as well right ?


Yes, in most cases ratings were moved over to the remaining public recipe and the score was recalculated.


Nice … ill have to take a look , ,ty for all the work you do


Thanks Daath!


Thank you @daath that DB really needed cleaning… why did people publish single flavour recipes…. Beyond me…


Thanks for all this :+1:

did comments move over as well? seems only fair that the thanks and praise go over to the creator of the recipe as well… but it’s probably not as easy to just move everything.


Thanks @daath. Can anyone think of a good example we could check to see what/if moved ?


I do like the comments that are added …




Comments weren’t moved, but ratings and favorites were…


@daath… If we weren’t worlds apart I’d buy you a steak and a beer to show my thanks! :+1:
It’s kind of ironic how I would tell folks that single flavor posts aren’t considered ‘recipes’ and I was given shit for saying that!


TZ, I don’t say it enough - Thanks for all the work you do on the flavor stuff - I know you get a lot of shit for it, but I promise you it’s not just me that appreciates it! :slight_smile: I promise I will make it harder for people to pick the wrong flavors :slight_smile:


LOL…well TY. And for what it’s worth, my esteemed colleagues here have unknowingly helped reinforce the “it is what it is” thought process in me!


Thanks @daath much appreciated :smiley:


I think the worst part was finding a recipe with a really interesting name and you open it up and it’s just Flavorah’s Blueberry Muffin at 6%


Haha Yep. I found one (forget the name) I was intrigued with and it was 20% Bavarian Cream.