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Pugsley's Celebratory Steampugs $100 Gearbest Giveaway.....Finally


That’s right people, finally I am going to make good on the promise that I have been making for the last week, CAN I GET A WOOP WOOP!

TUT…what if I told you I am going to give you $100 to spend at Gearbest on whatever the hell you like…

Close enough…a bit more enthusiasm would of been nice but still…IT’S GIVEAWAY TIIIIME!

So…we at Steampugs are celebrating a milestone in e-commerce, Thanks to all you lovely vape obsessive shiny syndrome suffering cloud junkies that have been shopping in the Steampugs link shop we are now celebrating our first $100 commission birthday

A whole hundred dollars!!, by my reckoning at this rate I can take early retirement as a Millionaire in 1670 years!..a mere heartbeat in time, orrr…like anyone that makes their first $100 doing something…I can just throw that shit away.

Or to be more precise…in your general direction.

To explain further…the Steampugs Link shop was never particularly a money making exercise, Just a way of keeping the suppliers happy so that I can say whatever the hell I like about whatever the hell I am reviewing without fear of said suppliers giving me the ‘it’s not you…it’s me’ speech…Keeps them happy…Keeps me honest…keeps you reading, and so far…it appears to be working just fine, everyone’s a winner baby.

So keep using the shop, and I’ll keep doing the giveaways!..simples. FYI…you don’t even have to buy what’s in my shop, as long as you go to Gearbest through one of my links you can buy whatever you like once your there and it will still go on my account, like pretty much most of you have already done…so…onwards with the giveaway…here are the rules on how you can win $100 to spend on anything you like at Gearbest…

Nothing quite so drastic…although there’s an image that isn’t going to be leaving me any time soon…what you do have to do is simple…share the love.

  1. Share the link to this giveaway on any of the popular social media sites or Vape forums.
  2. In the comments section below the giveaway post on the Steampugs site write the word ‘WOOP’ …along with your name and a link to where you posted this giveaway (username is fine if it’s a forum, I just need a way of letting you know if you won)

The link to the giveaway post on Steampugs is…

Steampugs $100 Gearbest Giveaway

Don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show straight away as I need to approve all comments before they are posted on the site which I will do regularly along with checking the links, if the link is found to be dead at any point before the winner is drawn then the comment and entry will be deleted…harsh…but fair…

All the names will be inputted onto Random.org where a random name shall be picked on Monday 17th April 2017 at 20:00 GMT.

I know…it’s 4 weeks away, but that’s how long it takes the commission to clear. I have spoken to Gearbest about getting it sooner in a voucher form but still awaiting a response so if I can draw it in 2 weeks I will…pinky promise…all good things…keep shopping, and they’ll come more often, and this being the first one we will iron out any creases along the way.


Gotta be in it to win it

You can find the Steampugs Link shop in the top tab along with links to all past reviews so if you fancy a giggle take a gander.

Cheers ears!

Yours eternally vapeful



This is awesome, giving back to the community is what its all about, cheers!


always welcome Neo lad :wink:


Can I post the link to the giveaway underneath this post Pugs? :wink:


You can post a link in the ‘Deals’ section if this is the only internet social thing you do sure :wink:
but still do the post in the comments on my site :+1:


Done sir, I’ve put it on Twitter where I have a whole two hands full of followers, WOOP :laughing:
A bit miffed I couldn’t get to 1800 on your site, had to settle on April first 1910 :pensive:


lmaooo…still…you’ve had a good innings got to be said… :wink:


In like Flynn.


Entered, thanks!


All aboard the Pug Train


Yeah baby, Yeah!


But you already posted it on the one fbunk group im in, on the only social media account i have and none of the zero friends i have on fbunk like me.


I understand man, there’s a few people like don’t have anywhere to post, just post a link to this thread on my site :wink: you aint missing out man, :+1::wink:


I was just messin aboot, as they say up north. hehe.

That Woop gif up there, i gotta say i looked at and enjoyed it way too much…


And to make matters worse you make me do sums like … - 5 = 1, at my age! I was born in 1910, my brain has been dead and buried 40 years ago :smiling_imp:


So I just posted this on a popular forum and a popular vape site. Double bang for my bucks, hundo that is!!! BIG MONEY GRIFF Y’ALL!!! Don’t even bother posting anything or linking the website. I got this on lock down!!!


Somebody needs to wake skully up he’s dreaming about my money again


I thought it was great. Killed 2 birds with one stone. Who else could have done that?


Did you put your entry on my site?..I can’t see you on there?..just checkin…


I took the liberty to delete his entry :laughing:
Only did it because you kinda asked me to