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Pugsley's extremely tasty review of the mythical Geek Vape Ammit Dual Coil RTA


What a thoroughly entertaining review! You have such finesse and control of the English language. That cat was hilarious! My husband is buying that Ammit. Im tempted to buy one too! Thank you for the review.


Why thank you very much Penelope :grin: and you are entirely welcome

hear that @Skullblade789…finesse…oh yeah :triumph: I gots it


Your reviews are as always simply the best. I have always loved Geek kit.
Made to last, well engineered and they look good.
Unfortunately I had a bad experience, ex owner of two Griffins.looked great, flavour was bloody awesome, but leaked like a sieve, sometimes you thought you had it bang on, no leaks and it was like dying and going to heaven, then you refill it and it leaks.
Thing is when you sell it on a POTV there’s always that guy with a draw full of them that can wick it with out leaks who will buy it.
But it seems to only work for those God like Vapers that stride across the universe hung like a horse and has women falling at his feet.
They are still beautiful bits of kit though. Sigh



The Griffin 25 RTA was recommended to me by my dear friend @Skullblade789 as my first RTA. I’m not sure if it was a practical joke or an attempt to give me one of the hardest things to wick so that all other RTAs would be a breeze. It took me about 3 weeks to learn how to wick it without getting dry hits or leaking. It took about 5 weeks to master it to the point of wicking it in minutes.

Now that I’ve got it down, I stride across the universe hung like a horse.

Thanks for the laugh!


Lucky Sod :joy:


Thanks! :slight_smile: very nice of you to say so


It wasn’t the wicking that bothered me with the Griffin, I just found the flavour to be sub par…very muted for me, chimney was too big…Think I have 2…ornaments now though


That would be cool. A vape tree if you will. You could hang busted mods and devices not used.


can you bold this in the future? tooo many words, tooo many gifs, this is all I came for… at the top of my shopping list


This is like the second time you have trashed one of Pug’s reviews. If you don’t like them then why don’t you fucking skip over them. You drinking again? Fall off the wagon?


…no :middle_finger:


It’s better to keep quiet and let people think you’re a jerk than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. This shit is uncalled for. Or…is this the attention you seek? Hmmm

@Pugs1970 excellent review and very entertaining. I hope you keep em coming. :thumbsup:


i was just giving my opinion, that isn’t allowed? for me they are hard to read (sober or drunk) so I scan for the cliff notes or synopsis. and yes I was drinking so I cut to the gist and was maybe more curt than I needed to be, but it is what it is. it seems to have rubbed some of you the wrong way more than it did the OP. do we all need to kiss everyone’s ass here and can’t give our honest thoughts/opinions on a post or review/style? if so fine, I can remove the bookmark for this site and never come back. have fun.

fwiw his cliff notes made me put this at the top of my shopping list.

have fun in your safe space


No shit


Thanks man, very much appreciated :wink: :thumbsup:


Look man…no ones asking you to leave, that’s just a bit dramatic, and yes you are entitled to your opinion, but it just so happens that your opinion when you are drunk is …dickish…and rude. No ones kissing my ass on here…we love ELR so much for the simple reason that we are a close family, we support each other regardless of what we think or feel, it’s what makes this place so special. You seem like a quite intelligent bloke Fozzy, and you give a lot to the site that isn’t conceived as arrogant or derogatory, but that’s twice now that you have tried to tell me that what I do isn’t to your liking…I got it the first time! and I know that you know you were bang out of order…at present my site is getting around 10k views a month, on the 5 forums I post on it’s prob the same again…out of all them 3 people give me shit for it…and the other 2 are known trouble makers/shit stirrers …the rest of the feedback I get is positive and supportive …I aint gonna change a damn thing for 3 people man, so to do away with any future hostility here’s the gist…
My reviews contain no more than 20 images, 10 gifs and 10 photo’s none of which are more than 2mb…2mb being the limit on here and 20 images being the limit on 2 other forums.
They will roughly contain 10000 characters…because that’s the limit on 2 other forums…
They will ALL be around this figure…if that’s not good for you I suggest you read someone else’s reviews. My style is geared towards entertainment rather than technical…and always has been…you seem to struggle being ‘entertained’…

actually no…it fucking infuriates me to the point I barely have a tongue left I bite it that hard but I’m trying to be professional.

Because that’s the only option right?..orr you could just stop being a dick?..

I put a lot of work into these Fozzy…time I could spend with my family, and it’s HARD sometimes, If you can’t understand that then please…just go about your business and skip my reviews…or at the very least…turn your fucking computer off when you’re drinking!


I, for one, am very grateful for the work you put into these. And for the record, I ain’t no ass kisser (unless it’s a reallllllly beautiful ass).

Yours are the only reviews I read, because of the entertainment value that is mixed in with the necessary info. Therefore my knowledge of new vape gear would be very minimal were it not for you - so thank you for doing what you do.


Aww…well thats just a bit nice luv…thank you!..that means a heck of a lot to me!

You are indeed a legend @Lolly

Its comments like that that make it all worthwhile :kissing_heart::wink:🖒


My experience with making purchasing decisions for mods, atomizers, or accessories was primarily through watching reviews on youtube, or an impulse buy at the local b/m after seeing something shiny and new.
There is an oversaturation of reviewers and reviews related to vaping and vape related accessories. I rarely watch any of the reviewers on youtube now, because honestly, I need more atomizers as much as I need a hole in my head (mods may be a different story).
Then I ran across these quirky, funny, entertaining, informational, well-written, and entertaining reviews by Pugs, which are illustrated with great product shots, and interspersed with images that amuse the shit out of me. The reviews have a good balance between information and humor, which is the reason I read them.
Sometimes, I wish I hadn’t. Not because of what was presented, but because like I said previously, I need new gear like I need a hole in the head, and ultimately I sometimes have poor impulse control and find creative ways to justify making new purchases.
Anyways, Pugs, thank you for the reviews. I think your reviews stand out in an oversaturated market, and I will be back for more.
Until then,


wow…after reading these comments I now have an all new kinda problem…

I can’t tell you how happy I am that you all still like the stuff I’m churning out, if it wasn’t for this amazing forum and the people there in none of it would of happened …like…at all, I said to myself when it started that I would go all in for 6 months and see how it went…well it’s been 6 months…

I never imagined this I gotta be honest…

I know I’ve said it before but…you’re all awesome and I couldn’t keep doing it without you lot.

Thank you!! x