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Pugsley's extremely tasty review of the mythical Geek Vape Ammit Dual Coil RTA


Keep doing you boo. Fuck the rest!


Well, mine arrived today, and I have to say that your review is spot on!
Flavor is excellent, super easy to build and wick, keeps up easily with wicking, not a dry hit or even the slightest hint of a leak, and I’m on PT’s 3x26/36 5 wrap alien coils @1.1 Ohms, 110Watts, 80/20 juice, and my beloved Goon drip tips fit it perfectly.
Best RTA I’ve tried to date, and I’ve tried loads, I rarely use any of them because flavor is never even close to my RDAs, but this is close enough for me to use fairly regularly.
If you’re considering a new RTA, or like me buy loads of vape gear even if you don’t need it :wink:, I join Pugs1970 and highly recommend the Ammit.


I’m just going to be an equal opportunity trasher and submit that everybody seems a little bit thin skinned here. This is no social crisis, just another tricky day for you!, lol. (Da Who). Regardless, nice review. Maybe not the humor I would have used but that’s to be expected. The review did work, I’m placing my order today!!!, lol.


Love the reviews man…LOVE them. Just like we all love you too. Did you know you can love people you’ve never met? Well it’s true! :slight_smile:

Just an FYI - I did order the Ammit from Slowtech. Also ordered the Kylin at the same time so I’ll get to do a side-by-side. I’ve seen video reviews of them both and a comparison one too, but I want to see for meself. Anyway, keep on keeping on my man. I hope you’re working on a new review right now!


My decision came down the the 3rd mill on the shorty configuration. Can’t wait to see your comparison.


I too chose the Ammit over the Kylin because of the 3ml tank as opossed to 2ml on the Kylin. Form what I’ve seen in the reviews, it’s basically the same RTA, designed by the guy who left Geekvape to start his own company.


Super happy you like it man, ive been using mine every day in the car, i can pretty much empty it on my way to work lol :rofl:🖒


Yeh, definitely thirsty, but who cares, we make our own juice.


Dude!..you make me blush like a 5 year old girl lmao …
Thank you brother, i love you too man :kissing_heart: lol

And I am working on a couple of reviews but the mrs picked up gastroenteritis from a kids party at the weekend so im housewife/nurse/taxi as well as gardener (had new driveway put down) and loads of other stuff that needs doin plus its festival season so work has exploded as well as the merger we just went through (breath)…its a bit fucking mental …is what im tryin to say lol…


Hope Jo’s okay love? And we miss you so stop with all this busyness already :laughing::kissing_heart:


Just arrived.


Jeez, just get your priorities right, will ya… We’re waiting :grin:


She’ll be fine in a day or three :wink: she cant even keep water in right now though…terrible business :pensive: …I shall pass on your wishes dear :wink:
Normal service shall resume imminently :grin:🖒


I know right??..I mean who do I think I am??..

Lmao :wink:🖒



I bought one of the Ammit Dual Coils on Pugs recommendation. All I can say about it is … Listen to Pugs. He knows that of which he speaks. :+1:


Im not sure I follow …lol

Was that a back handed compliment?
Whos thin skinned?
What social crisis?
What’s ‘Da Who’ ?

Im so confused right now…not difficult I know…


Hey guys. I’ve been vaping for more than a year after quitting tobacco. I read that any single post RTA will beat a brand name premade coil on flavor and I need more flavor than the Cleito provides. So I am on the market for my first RTA… I just cant decide between single and dual Ammits mainly because eliquid consumption. I live in Ecuador and its hard to find eliquids here.

I see Ammit dual has the option to use it as a single coil config. I want to know if any of you have had any problems with single coil configuration regarding leakeage? And if flavor in this single coil config is as a good as a top rated single post RTA?

Dont get me wrong, I still want dual coils for time to time vaping but thinking about consumption I will new a single coil for most of the time… Is this RTA for me?


I have the Ammit single coil and it is a fine RTA. Like all RTA’s the wicking has to be just right for no leaking and no dry hitting. I also have the dual coil Ammit on order. Until I compare the two I can’t say which is best or by what margin. As far as juice consumption, that is largely a function of the coil builds you use. I have single coil builds that use more juice than dual coil builds. My experience is different than most regarding the number of coils. I have no preference based solely on number of coils in an atty. My experience is more along the lines of finding the build that makes the atty shine. Of course some will shine more than others dependent upon design. A good example of that to me is the Vandy Vape Govad RDA. I found a build it likes and it ROCKS!!!


The huge juice channels on the Ammit would make using it as a single coil a little problematic imo.
It can easily be done, they give you an adapter to make it a single coil. If you make sure you fill the entire juice channel with cotton when wicking, should be fine. However if you DONT fill the entire channel, I’m afraid there would be some serious leaking.