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Pugsley's extremely tasty review of the mythical Geek Vape Ammit Dual Coil RTA


From what you describe I honestly think the single coil Ammit will do you proud, amazing flavour, easy to build on and no where near as thirsty as the dual. It’s a good tank in it’s own right :+1:


Reading all of you I think I will buy the Ammit single coil.
Now… What wire do you recomend I buy? I want to use Temperature Control unless you recommend otherwise.
Please don’t get too technical about wires, I just need some good products to begin my RTA experience.
Thanks in advance!!


Some swear by TC,I’m not one of them, but I normally run SS coils, clean taste and you can use in both wattage and TC mode so you’re covered, you can try both and see which you prefer :+1:


I just checked SS wire and as I researched I was overwhelmed with information!
I guess I will learn when I start building coils.
With your experience, what specific wire (brand, gauge) would you recommend I buy. And should I built spaced or contact?


I just want to add that I just tried the 6ml glass with the extension and there was a noticeable drop in flavor, which I guess is to be expected.
I’ll be sticking with the 3ml.


So I finally got this thing coiled and wicked properly and I’m not disappointed.
I haven’t tried the 3ml tank yet so I guess that’s what is next up.


Glad you liked it, you’ll prob notice an increase in flavour with the 3ml :wink:


Switched to the 3ml tank. This thing just keeps getting better


Sweet move :wink: :+1:


Best damn thing since sliced bread. I cannot believe the flavor and vapor. Holy shit this thing rocks. Has not left my side since I got this thing courtesy of @TheTinMan1. Thanks bro for turning me on to this power house of a tank. It has my soul.