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Pugsley's full fat, plucked and tri-powered review of the Think Vape Finder DNA 250


This is me 🖒:ok_hand: nice to meet you :grin::wink:
And thanks! Lol


Great write up! Would it help soothe your (not so much)troubled senses if I told you that the leather accent is more likely to be bovine in origin rather than fowl? There’s a whole market of faux-leathers out there that mimic exotic hides like ostrich and alligator(to name two) but are made from the hides of Bessie rather than Big Bird.

At any rate, it was quite the amusing read. Cheers!


Cheers :wink:🖒

I hope you’re right lol


Hell no, I want real ostrich dammit!! :bird:


:hushed::see_no_evil: you cut the head off the Ostrich!

Woh…you’re hardcore woman…

Maybe you ARE Cruella de Vape…:thinking:


I think I’ll have it mounted and display it in my vape cave!


Do you know how fast those fluffy long-necked bastards can run?!? To hell with that! Bring on the slow elk and I’ll skin it but good!


An elk skin covered mod would be pretty sweet…


Slow elk=cow. It’s a term I picked up from reading too much Edward Abbey(Wait…is there such a thing? I think not!)